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  1. Wow, this is interesting - thanks. Yes, please do measure, if you can. Just spoke to the developer and he said that the wall is not necessarily able to take an inset burner....but he sounded willing to help?
  2. Thanks but you mean an electric fire?
  3. I will try and explain better tomorrow. The sofa width takes up 980mm too, you see (facing the fire).
  4. Sorry for not making it clearer - we were advised 1000mm and the room is 3627mm width.
  5. Hello. We were planning on adding a fireplace to our new build house but have been told that the hearth will have to protrude 1000mm in the room area by the wood burning stove supplier (for safety reasons). The room dimensions are only 4067mm x 3627mm so that's 36% of the room already taken up by the hearth! I'm guessing that most people with fireplaces / log burners don't have significantly bigger rooms than us so please can I ask if this is a common issue and, most importantly, is there anything that can be done, or is 1000mm the rule? Image of fireplace dimensions attached.
  6. Hi, Thank you for the fantastic answers - really very helpful. Briefly, until I can post more tomorrow: - There is no chimney on the property so we will be fitting an external flue up the side of the house - We think the Aire has 'direct air' which will take air through the inlet on the back of the stove, I think? - We have been quoted £1,200 for the stove and £2,000 for the fitting work (estimated) How does this sound? Thanks again!!
  7. Hi again all, We are in the process of buying a new build house which is due to be completed in July. We've always wanted a logburner and so have agreed with the developer to have a fireplace built in the living room. As this is a bespoke request, they've asked us what measurements we have in mind. We think the most suitable stove for us will be the Charnwood Aire (thanks to the advice on this forum) and have taken a look at the product's measurements (image of these below) along with the fire safety regulations that we could find online, however, we are still apprehensive about passing these on to the developer until an expert has agreed that they would meet fire regulations. We have contacted our local stove supplier who we are hoping to purchase the Charnwood Aire from to see if they would be able to help, but we are waiting to hear back so in the meantime I thought I would post on this forum and see if anyone could help. Please see the below diagram - would this fireplace and stove setup comply with current fire safety regulations on a new build property?
  8. Wood burner it is, then 😉
  9. Hi all, We are closing in on getting our stove for our new build and it's likely to be a Charnwood Aire. However, my wife asked me if I'm sure that we want a wood burner as opposed to a multi fuel...and I'm not exactly sure...any advice, please? Thank you in advance, B
  10. This is great advice, thank you so much for the trouble you have gone to.
  11. Great advice. Only an evening burner. My parents used to have an open fire and I miss it so much. The next best thing is this, I guess.
  12. Thank you again. Regarding wood burner vs. multi fuel, your own personal thoughts?
  13. Thank you, sorry for not being clearer - the cost for the fireplace has already been agreed. The budget I mentioned was just for the stove itself. Hope this helps. Our query is more wood burner vs. multi fuel?
  14. Hi there, Newbie here. My wife and I are in the process of buying a house (what a time to be half way through!!). We have been able to negotiate a fireplace being added to the living room. Due to the building already being started for someone else, who dropped out, we will only be able to have a fireplace with an external flue fitted to the side of the house (not 'full' chimney). We don't really know where to start next though - we have seen multi fuel log burners, purely wood burners, vastly different prices, etc, please can anyone give me a few tips on what to look for if £1,000 is our maximum budget, and, of course, what to look out for? Thanks, all.


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