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  1. Many thanks Gary, I’ll certainly look into them books/series. I’m afraid the specifications are far from top notch and there is plenty of rubble mixed in with the soil. Kind regards, GF
  2. Hello, I am hoping to get a good sized canopy from this tree (I believe it is a crab apple tree) that will provide some privacy from the over looking house(s). Is there anything I can do? I.e. pruning in a certain way?... I don’t know much about pruning, and when I look at videos/guides online, the wording/talk is very technical and confusing to me. I could do with a trees for dummies or pruning for absolute newbies guide! It also looks like the tree’s canopy is trying to grow tall and thin, so is there something I need to do in particular to spread it out more? Many thanks! GF IMG_4711.MOV


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