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  1. Ok, sounds wise actually to see the state of it when the tree has gone. Thanks!
  2. I've seen that table before and never understood why it's different in different places!! Anyway, I'm zone 2. The brickie suggested reducing the height and then repointing and replacing the existing coping on top. The wall is actually higher than the adjacent walls so the height not needed. You think it would be better to replace with new bricks or rebuild with existing and new as needed? many thanks for your help with this!
  3. Ok, that's interesting. The brickie who suggested repointing is experienced and comes well reviewed. We will get other quotes/inspections before proceeding anyway. Thanks for your input!
  4. Thanks very much for your knowledge and help!
  5. Ok, good to know. And is that true even if I have the height reduced? The base of the trunk and roots will keep expanding? Thanks G
  6. Thanks for that, I don't know where I got the idea it was a Douglas from. It's not what I wanted to hear, but sounds like good advice nonetheless!
  7. Hi I have a Douglas fir growing at the back of my garden about 30cm away from a retaining wall. The wall has developed a slight lean and is in need of repointing. It’s not 100% clear but the tree is probably to some extent to blame although I’m afraid I have let the brickwork get into bad condition. The other side of the wall drops about 6ft to an alleyway (about 4 foot of wall is retaining). The fir is approx. 35ft high (having been reduced by ten foot or so earlier this year after neighbours worried that it was swaying too wildly in their direction in storms). The brickie says he can repoint the wall with the tree in situ, and as I am rather attached to the tree and generally don’t like cutting things down, I am inclined to let him go ahead with this. My question is this: with the tree reduced in height, is the root system still expanding? If so, then I guess that in repointing the wall with the tree still standing I am just delaying the inevitable and should go the whole hog and have the tree cut down. But if the root system is likely to be as big as it will ever be, then I’ll keep the tree and strengthen the wall. Many thanks for any suggestions, advice or stories of similar problems!


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