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  1. I bought the woodland as a refuge for wildlife, we've had trouble with the hunt coming through and the hounds chasing pet cats through gardens. I know I can't stop the hounds, but I can make it obvious where my boundary is. I have 2 dogs that lose their tiny minds in the woods. They're not often there with me but I don't trust them not to go after sheep.
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice. I've pressed the pause button. I really need to learn how to do this myself, and grow some muscles.
  3. Hi, I'm looking to replace a fence on a parcel of woodland, half way up a hill, with stock fence (sheep wire and a strand of barbed wire) in North East Wales. It's accessible on foot and quad bike but since Storm Christophe washed the top soil off the hollow trackway I doubt you'd get a tractor near. I've had real trouble getting fencers to even quote but eventually I have one who has quoted for a 400m stretch of fence, 2 men, £1000 each a week labour with a possible job time of 2 weeks. Added to the 2.5k quoted for materials ( I plumped for creo strainers and the most expensive posts) it's going to wipe out my funds. So, 3 questions, does the labour cost seem fair? If not is anyone interested in quoting for the job? any suggestions as to alternative ways of keeping dogs in and undesirables out.....dry hedging? living hedging? thank you.
  4. Turn Moss

    Turn Moss car park

    Tip spot by portacabin furthest south of carpark area at the end of Turn Moss Road.


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