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  1. Great chainsaw. A friend has one and for snedding/light felling it's awesome and so lightweight. Kind of pricey though.
  2. It's interesting that you all are using Oregon or Rotatech. I thought Stihl would be the go-to brand.
  3. I’m assuming most on here are professionals, so interested in hearing/learning from your experience. What bars/chains do you use? Talking about: use, what saw, bar size, brands, and specifics such as pitch, tooth profile, standard or skip tooth, and anything else you think could be relevant/useful. What works best?
  4. Does anybody know where I could get some new bumper spikes for this? The box picture is different to what’s fitted.
  5. I've just ordered a new 28" bar so have the brand new stock Makita 18" bar and chain going spare if you want it? The chain is Dolmar stamped and full chisel but no idea if any good! Edit - I think chain is Oregon!
  6. Awesome thanks for that!
  7. What bars are you running though?
  8. Thanks I will bear that in mind but I think this is way big enough for my needs at the moment! Putting a 28” bar on it which should be a good balance just hope it oils well enough.
  9. No worries that sounds like a good plan! You should make Makita an offer and buy them out of their petrol stuff then BRING BACK DOLMAR! That might screw up your quiet home life though 😂 Seriously though, I reckon demand will still be there so buy what you can.
  10. Yeah and sent an email to the business too.
  11. I was looking to deal with Shavey but seems to have gone quiet on here. But yeah I’m also confused why the 6100 has a larger fuel tank..maybe ergonomics?
  12. I’ve not run it yet but it’s got to go better than it looks or I’m really in trouble!
  13. On the plus side - it feels good in hand and light for an 80cc saw!
  14. Hi all, I bagged myself a bargain Makita 7900 and it just arrived this afternoon. Originally bought from Radmore Tucker for about 580. I’m a bit disappointed with cosmetics and build quality first impressions, looks quite plasticky, no captive bar nuts, cheap rubber add ons to the clutch cover, little spring-back on the brake. I was surprised as I remember seeing a Dolmar 6100 and thought that looked like a tank. Is the build quality the same when they were taken over or did Makita take some shortcuts? I can’t figure out why the 5600 farm saw and 6100 have captive nuts and these are the tiny nuts like on my Husqy 135 😂 I’ve read almost everywhere that they are awesome saws. Sure hope it runs better than it looks, or am I just being picky?
  15. Meds

    Checking compression

    Many thanks. Makes sense to put a couple of drips in there (through the plug hole?) as I don't know how long it's been dry for


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