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  1. Now that is a BEAUTIFUL tree!! Are they fast growing? And do they lose leaves in winter? Assuming by the sheep they are okay for animals!! :-)
  2. Brilliant just asked the 'boss' and she said the Alders look really good and exactly what we are looking for! Last piece of advice - it seems like there are lots of options with the Alders - is one particular string faster growing, or grows taller etc? Or is it a case of choose the one with the nicest colour leaves and get it? Thanks again.
  3. That is quite impressive isn't it! I was going to say we have a digger!! :-) That's one hell of a piece of machinery!
  4. Also following on from this - is it feasible to move an established tree. Or purchase a tree that is of a decent height, and re-plant it? Or am I better buying smaller and planting?
  5. Ah okay - no worries. That's what leads me back to bushes but they are just such aggressive growers and block out everything!
  6. Thanks for that - brilliant. Loads of good advice and some options there! I was hoping to get planting relatively soon so that's great. You don't happen to know if there is an option which doesn't drop its leaves over the winter do you? I think that might be asking too much!
  7. Thanks Steve, that's brilliant advice and exactly what I was looking for. Do they loose their leaves entirely in the winter?
  8. Hi there, I need some help with ideas on what we can plant alongside a river. Essentially we live next to a river in the South of England and I am looking for something that we can plant alongside it which doesn't restrict our view, but gives us some privacy from our elevated neighbours. We are at river level and they are about 20 foot above it. So what I would really love is to plant some trees along the river that grow relatively tall, are nice and dense at the top, but that doesn't restrict the view at the bottom. It would have to be something that deals well with wet soil (and clay) in the winter, although in the summer the river goes down to about 6 inches deep and about 2 metres wide. In the winter it is just a lot deeper - maybe 4 foot and quite fast flowing. We are very near the source of the river though so it isn't too bad. It would be amazing if they were evergreen to give us privacy all year round - but I think that makes it nigh on impossible! I was thinking fruit trees just because I have always been a fan - but I don't think they are dense enough really - and possibly not tall enough. I am really looking for the traditional 'mushroom shaped' tree! Nice big stump at the bottom and a good looking tree at the top! Has anyone got any ideas. Really don't want to go down the route of hedging it or getting Leylandaii or anything like that as we will loose the river, but could really do with some privacy! Any help MUCH appreciated! Thanks.


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