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  1. I,ve just rechecked the compression at WOT and its a tad over 140 PSI so thats ok i guess. The other time it was not WOT !. So can only suspect the carb now , i hope .
  2. Yes i was thinking of that but came across yours first . I made all my own special tools otherwise it would be impossible to do the tear down , just a bit screwed on the carb welsh plug tech and erratic running Tks for the reply.
  3. Just found your post. I rebuilt my Husqvarna 235 x torq right down to the crank bearings and now have the carb in bits . After the initial re-build it would only operate for a while and was erratic. Stripped the saw a second time and re laid the liquid gasket crankcase sealer again !. Gave it a compression check and registered 115 Lbs PSI and still erratic , could not give it a vacuum test though. So suspecting the carb it has now come apart now . Have a rebuild kit for it here. Am wondering how your re-build is going . I am wondering , because inside the carb is a welsh plug underneath the fuel diaphragm with a small amount of sealer around its edges , sealing the plug against the ali body, however some has come away which could compromise its fuel metering action into the intake intake port holes or the area and holes under the welch plug are blocked .
  4. I studied the chart and it resembles a Round ground chisel so i guess a round file will do then .
  5. Thanks , will give it a look .
  6. No defiantly not like that!. Thats extreme . The one here has the flat top and the 90 degree back but from the cutting tip downwards the gullet curves inwards . I will have to try and get a photo posted
  7. Its for felling . The chain is Oregon square tooth chisel as far as i can tell although i have seen it described as a square tooth round ground. There is a definite 90 degrees to the top and back of the tooth , no radius and no chamfer. The gullet is curved / rounded. I,m going to have to find the original packing it came in ! There,s a lot of different terminology out there. I previously had used the round tooth round ground but thought i would try something else . Its on a Husqvarna 235 so nothing fancy .
  8. Where is there a supplier for a double bevel flat file in the UK, i have seen save edge and oregon but this stuff comes from the US and a double bevel file in the UK i cannot find ! This is the first time i have used a square chain so the filing should be interesting. Many thanks


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