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  1. Interested! I’ve PM’d you and will call again today.
  2. Thanks for the offer, that's absolutely brilliant! I'll PM you just now. I've actually got Jepsen's Tree Climber's Companion in front of me just now, along with his Knots At Work, and Brown's The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers. So far I'm really enjoying reading, and I've just got myself on a job tomorrow to get some more practical experience under my belt. Just as an inquisitive pair of hands mind you, but that's how we learn, eh. I must say, the community seems really helpful and all the tree surgeons I spoke to today were all very friendly and welcoming, so thanks again to everyone for your time and advice. I can't wait to get stuck in properly.
  3. Hi Struie, I'll see how much cash I have left after investing in some decent PPE and such. I understand that buying new with this sort of thing is the only way to guarantee safety, which is of course the number one priority. Thanks for the advice 👍 Cheers, Ross.
  4. Hi Folks, I'm new the arboriculture scene and looking to become a climber; as such I'm keen to get as much experience climbing as possible. So I'd like to get out with someone with some experience and get up into the canopy! If anyone is based around Glasgow and wouldn't mind taking a total newbie out I'd really appreciate the opportunity. I have my own transport, but the only kit I have at the moment is a rock climbing harness and helmet. I'm currently in the (long and expensive) process of getting some kit of my own. Feel free to get in touch either on here, or on 07548651195, there may be a few beers in it for you Cheers, Ross.
  5. Hello ArbTalk! Firstly, let me introduce myself: I'm Ross, 27 years old, living in Glasgow, and I'm looking to get into the arboriculture field as as climber. Currently I'm enrolled in a Physics PhD, but while I've learned a lot, it's not what I expected and I've had enough of being cooped-up in the office in front of a computer. So I've done a bunch of research, including reading on here, bought some books that I'm working my way through, and I'm definitely ready to do whatever it takes to get into the field. Apart from my background in physics I have a basic education in biology, up to Advanced Higher, so looking forward to getting my teeth into the tree-side of that. I should also mention that I love rock climbing, particularly bouldering, and I have some experience trad climbing and winter mountaineering / mixed climbing. I was also a tech for a busy events company in the past, so I know what it's like to put in a proper hard day's work, and I really do miss that. Currently: I have taken the first steps and got in touch with a local arborist: Robert from Aurea Tree Services who I done a day's work with this week. Robert and Craig are absolutely top-notch guys (If you're reading this thanks again for taking me out!), and I really appreciate the time Robert gave me and his receptiveness with regards to my will to learn the trade. It really stoked the fire in my belly for getting out and putting in the hard work to make this happen. If you're local you might receive a call from me soon... My plan is this: Get booked on the CS30 & 31 course as-soon-as, buy the relevant PPE, and start picking up the other tickets and experience that will allow me to get into the trees. Rather than spend any more time in full-time education I'd like to get out and get working as a groundsperson, put in the graft, and work my way up from there, literally. While doing so I'll be ingesting as much background information as I can, in effect educating myself on the theory while getting practical experience. What I ask: It'll be August before I can get my chainsaw ticket, but I'd ideally like to get out with as many tree surgeons as possible as I work my way through obtaining all the tickets, and most importantly get as much experience as possible. So if there's any local tree surgeons willing to give me some work and maybe dispense some wisdom I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to come out and work with you. I have my own transport, I'll have access to my own saw once I've picked up the ticket, and I can pretty much start right away. This also means that I'm looking for any gear that anyone has sitting about unused. For now it'll just be to climb recreationally in order to learn what I'm doing, so doesn't need to be top-notch sparkly new kit. Let me know if you've anything going and I'll see if I can scrape together some cash for it. Particularly interested in getting my hand on a rope, as a starting point. Related to that last point: if there are any local climbers free and wouldn't mind going out a recreational climb with a keen newbie at some point I'd be very grateful for the opportunity. There might even be a case of beers in it for you 😉 Of course I'm also interested in anyone out there who'd be willing to just answer questions and point me in the right direction towards answers. Or if you have any opinions on anything I've said, let me know; my ears are hungry for advice. TLDR / Summary: New guy from Glasgow with own transport and strong desire to learn, looking for any help getting into arboriculture work as a climber, ideally jobs labouring, second-hand kit, advice, and friendly climbers to have a go with. If you would like to get in touch you can PM me on here, or feel free to give me a call or text on 07548651195. Thanks all, Ross.


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