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  1. That's interesting, what price were you happy to pay in the end for processed unseasoned wood? (Assuming that's what you found)
  2. I guess that's just the human condition, to want to be valued, remembered and in the loop. It's a good business technique to use it to both of your advantage. [emoji3]
  3. Yea, that makes sense. In my case it could be worth it to me to lose a little margin on a bagged product delivered in summer just to keep winter open for felling. Though it does seem like it may as well be fully seasoned and full price if it's in the bag... hmmm, food for thought.
  4. Oh, ok. So it wasn't just odds and sodds! That's pretty significant then. Do you think the key to that was people being offered firewood on the spot at their front door?
  5. Ok, yea I suspected it would take a certain person to be that on the ball. So unless I could build a large enough customer base of just really organised people (wishful thinking perhaps) then probably not. if you don't mind my asking, what do you charge for the part seasoned firewood?
  6. Hehe, sneaky! So you could get shot of some, but for the most part you would deliver through the winter? Do you think those same clients would take to stocking up solely in the summer? I guess the trouble is, they have to estimate pretty well how much they need for a whole winter and then have the space to keep it all. [emoji53]
  7. Hi, Does anyone on here delivering significant amounts of firewood (50+ cubish per year) manage to shift it all in the summer? How do customers take to being delivered firewood so far in advance of using it? Are there enough alternative clientelle that will use it through the summer (campsites, pubs etc) Thanks


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