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  1. Thanks Gary for the tip. We will definitely be replacing it and if it died from natural causes so to speak i think wise to dig it up properly to give the new one a good chance of surviving.
  2. That’s great. Looks really good. I think that’s what we are going to do. I loved that tree, it’s such a shame
  3. Thanks Mick. I’d be relieved it it wasn’t the pruning. I’d hate to think that it had died because of that.
  4. Yes it was fine last summer which is why we wondered if it was the cutting back as when I googled I found that if you do some trees in winter it can kill them. It was such a lovely tree so a shame it’s died.
  5. Thank you. I’ve tried scrapping it like you said and it’s really difficult as so dry but what I can see it looks brown. I tried on another tree that I know is ok and it scrapped a lot easier, was a little moist and could clearly see green. Unfortunately then it looks like it’s dead. I’m gutted. If it wasn’t cutting it back that killed it any ideas how this could have happened? Nothing has been done in the garden since the cutting back.
  6. We had someone come to cut back trees and bushes in our garden in December 2018. This tree is some sort of blossom tree and by now should be leafy. It’s bare and I’m worried it’s dead and has been damaged when it was cut back. The person that did it is my childminders husband who has his own company providing tree and garden services. I’d assumed he knew what he was doing but perhaps he’s not a tree expert? It’s awkward to go back to him due to the childminding link and at the end of the day the damage has been done. What I’d like to know if is my assumption correct that cutting it back in winter has damaged/killed it or if coincidence and something else has happened to it and if there is a possibility of it coming back to life somehow? It blocks the view to the industrial estate and such a lovely tree and I’m gutted this has happened. Is there anything that can be done?


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