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  1. My insurance was sorted by mortgage broker and to my knowledge insurer was not asking about trees and proximity, I'll check my policy before making any move. In situation that I need to make claim and it would be refused (ie. not disclosing that there is a tree - but insurer haven't ask about it in any forms) who is liable broker who was dealing with it, property owner? What would need to be done if something like this occurred?
  2. Superficial deposits: No superficial deposits recorded Bedrock geology: Holywell Nodular Chalk Formation and New Pit Chalk Formation - Chalk. Sedimentary bedrock formed between 100.5 and 89.8 million years ago during the Cretaceous period.
  3. Wouldn't that increase premium and create problem for later if in ie.10 years I would like to sell property? My other concern is that it could/would decrease value of the property and this is what I can't afford.
  4. Pictures attached are just over one year old and tree has grown since.
  5. Hi All, I could use some advice from experienced arborists. Please excuse my lack of knowledge on verge of ignorance, but it's all new to me and not even close to my profession. I live in Bedfordshire, soil type in my area is chalk/Soilscape 5: Freely draining lime-rich loamy soils - loamy (depending on maps used). Sycamore TPO tree is approx 50-60 ft tall, crown spreas between 39-45 ft, tree is located 9m from my front porch and 10m from main building. Building is 13 years old, timber frame end of terrace. I've noticed some damage to my drive (material tarmac, irregular bumps, no cracking) and property. Porch door and window frame crooked, cracks on brickwork coming down on both sides of windowsill (two of them further away from tree are 2-3mm, colser one is 1-1.5cm), 2 internal door frames crooked and some hairline cracks on plasterboard joins. Can this damage be caused by tree root system? Who I need to speak with to have it assessed? What is approximate cost of survey? What is deemed as safe distance for large sycamore tree from property boundary? Is there any official guidance (when submitting planning application) for tree distance by type from property boundaries? Can I build carport beneath TPO tree (in line with planning regs), or I need to get approval from Tree Officer as well? What would be the best route to have TPO removed and tree replaced with smaller less intrusive tree? Thank you for your understanding and patience. Just realized that this is probably in wrong place, can this be moved to homeowners or deleted?


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