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  1. Hello, Can I ask when you need help with this and what the rate of pay is please? (I've got chipper, small and large tree felling, forestry first aid and climbing tickets) Best wishes Paul
  2. Best solution so far I reckon. How much service do you get out one of these?
  3. Scaffolders tool buckets might work perhaps? like this but bigger Leach's - Leach's Heavy Duty Belt Sling Lifting Bucket - Orange - SWL 100kg WWW.LEACHS.COM The Leach’s SWL 100KG lifting buckets are extremely tough and durable, ideal for hoisting...
  4. Thanks all. The teufelberger buckets look just the job but an awful lot of money. Teufelberger ropeBUCKET & kitBAG - Climbing Equipment from Gustharts UK WWW.GUSTHARTS.COM Buy Teufelberger by ropeBUCKET & kitBAG from our Climbing Equipment range - @ Gustharts
  5. Hi, Anyone got any good ideas for a way to carry around and store rigging kit? I want to keep a porta wrap style lowering device, 16mm rope, couple of pulleys, strops slings etc. A bag or holdall doesn't seem up to coping with a stein rc2000 as they're pretty heavy / pointy / bulky. What else do people use?
  6. Thanks a lot for taking this much appreciated
  7. Could anyone who owns of these please have look down the bollard tube and tell me how the front two crossed bars interact inside please? I’m going to have a go at making one and would like to know if they are 4 bits of rod welded on to the bollard tube or if they are threaded through and join each other within the tube for extra strength. (i know the rear rod is all one piece and passes straight through) many thanks
  8. Does anyone have any experience with these? https://www.medisave.co.uk/e-fab-hard-hat-emergency-kit.html Not the contents but the helmet placement aspect - wonder if it might be easier to get at if injury occurs up a tree?
  9. Thanks both, great advice all round. I'm ordering now.
  10. Hi all, Looking for a decent and comprehensive first aid kit recommendation please. The kits are for small teams of three people. Cheers
  11. Having looked around the internet for help here's my result. The cocoon is an improvement on the pinto as far as ease of retrieval goes. I guess more importantly it allows a pre-sown friction loop to be used to attach the pulley to the rope meaning no bulky knots (as when pinto is used) and replaceable without needing a new mechanical device (Ropeguide 2010). It's defo not as cheap as some other designs but I already had a fimblCLIMB and robbed a couple of bits from that. Otherwise it has a shop bought feel and the best bits of both the ropeguide 2010 and the pulley saver but being a bit cheaper than the former. The loop T is disproportionately expensive given all it does is allow for retrieval but I couldn't find another cheaper but still elegant solution - over to you again internet peeps! Teufelberger loop t - https://bit.ly/3oVdz44 Teufelberger replacement rope - https://bit.ly/3symuL9 Retrieval cone - https://bit.ly/3szBpoq Art cocoon - https://bit.ly/3svxzfR Pulley loop (30cm) - https://bit.ly/3bMxDC6 Total cost - £184.18 inc VAT
  12. Hi, What's the starting salary for a climber? Cheers


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