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  1. Yep I totaly missed joes post. Sorry if i came accross rude. Ill keep an eye on them and do them up tight. Thanks for the help
  2. Im confused at all the quotes above but heres a picture of what i want todo. Im getting the feeling its should be fine but its not ideal... but its all ive got to work with at the moment. Going up in a few hours time if somone could put my mind at rest Quite looking forward to it
  3. Yes thats what i want todo. Sorry i tryed to upload a photo but it was playing up. Basicly ive got a rock climbing harness which has got an anchor point for the two leg straps and a anchor point for the waist strap. Linked together with a strap apantly you cant anchor too. Your ment to for rock climbing tie a fig of 8 knot though these two anchor points but for climbing a tree that isnt pratical because ive got to disconect and reconect regularly. There isnt enough room to fit two karabiners though these so what ive done its put one karabiners though both anchor points and then daisy chained a second one onto that one to attach my ropes. It would of been easyer to explane if the picture would have loaded up. Only other thing i can thing todo is one fig of 8 tieded to the harness and then a 2nd fig of 8 to attach my karabiners on wih my ropes. Or is there a better way of going around it?
  4. Right ive got all my gear together now todo this. Just one quick qwestion before i go up tomorrow. Im stuggling for room to clips 2 karabiner into my rock climbing harness so ive done this. Is it safe to use a karabiner clipped onto another karabiner?
  5. Yeah I am alittle worryed about that. I think im going to take a telescopic pole up with me so i can just pop it out of the tree once i get fairly close. The way i see it is i might stuggle my bollucks off and it might take me a while but as long as im always clipped in safety it "should" be inpossible to kill myself lol
  6. I was just going to use a prusik knot on both as thats what ive seen in all the videos so far and looks fairly simple todo? Heres a potential silly question but to get back down is it ok todo just do the same as you do to go up but in reverse. As in take the tention up and then slide the prusik down and repeat or is there another knot you need to rig up? Think its going to be a bulky set up. The spliced ends where £30 a pop
  7. Oh behave. Ive brought a wild country rock climbing harness for £30 and due to this tread a proper arbroist rope for £55. 4 Carabiners for £20. 2 Prussik Loop for £20 So im all in for £120. Thank you for your advice on the rope though youve been so helpfull. Am i ok to use double figure of 8s on my main line and lanyard or is there a better knot to use?
  8. Ive got a hot misses with big tits and a decent arse. And i get to the pub at least once a week with the lads for a beer and curry I also ride my trackbike like a hero so im aloud to be as sad as i like with my quadcopter lol Anyway found this rope for like £1.80 a meter https://honeybros.com/Item/Yale_XTC-12_Climbing_Rope Will this do the trick??
  9. Yes all of that is possible and all for a cheep price thanks to china Very basic set up will run you around £200
  10. Yer i apperciate that hence why i asked. A properly spec'd rope it is. Unfortunately paying somone else wouldnt work out if i cant get it back the same day because rain would kill alot of the electronics. I think i can put a basic but safe, possibly slightly uncomfortable climbing kit together for £120. Not flying into trees isnt an option
  11. Sorry i hadnt read all the replys when I replyed. Ill invest in 25m of new proper arborist rope if thats whats required as a minimum. I used to reguarly climb free style when i was younger. I know the dangours involved so been strapped in is enough for me to feel safe
  12. So any 11-13mm climbing rope in good condtion should do the trick?
  13. This is fpv freestyle quadcopter flying. As you can see be able to scale a tree would come in handy.


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