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  1. It's actually an Fs90 strimmer, rarely used, and unlike my husky saws, every time I come to use it, it won't start. After cleaning the carb (I've never seen any dirt) it starts but dies at full throttle. After multiple cleans, soaking in thinners, using an airline etc it eventually works. It's probably done less than 50 hours in its life and is run on Stihl oil.
  2. I'm sick of cleaning my immaculately clean, low hour carb and want to just try sticking a new one on. Are the £14 ones off ebay any good or do I need another zama - albeit I find it hard to believe anything could be worse ! Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply, The filter looks like new but I tried even with it removed - no change The breather - I'm unsure which it is, I'll take a look but it won't rev from starting so it can't be a problem due to vacuum.
  4. Hi gents it's actually my FS90 but I thought this was the best place for advice as I presume it's similar to the chainsaw engines. It's done less than 50hrs use but when I came to start it the fuel bulb wouldn't fill. I removed it and cleaned the black part below and it worked however now the machine won't rev cleanly and it you coax it, running at part throttle it's clearly getting hot hence I guess, running lean. I then removed and cleaned the carb - which only had a tiny bit of dirt in there - still the same. I'm loathe to start playing with the mixture when I suspect I haven't found the cause. Are they very susceptible to air leaks - should I have used sealant on the gaskets ? A search tends to find "replace carb" but it was fine and hasn't done much work. Thanks


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