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  1. Stuart - Thanks for the clarification on legislation. I have to say that all the NTPC and Lantra assessors I have spoken to have been clear that both assessments are interchangeable. It is obvious that due to the historic setup where someone could end up with a Lantra training certificate but not be NPTC assessed that much of the industry is still misinformed. It is unfortunate that, in much the same way that '002003' doesn't roll off the tongue as easy as 'CS30&31' - 'Lantra Assessed' has not established itself as synonymous with 'NPTC Assessed'. I think it would have caused far less confusion to keep the qualification names the same, but change the certification across both awarding bodies to be called QCF Assessed - Rather than the situation we have now, with jobs advertised asking for 'NPTC chainsaw tickets'.
  2. Also, as an employer - how would you deal with someone with mixed qualifications, say: CS30+CS31 Lantra CS32+CS38 City & Guilds (NPTC) Because the Lantra certification is accepted as a re-requisite for the NPTC CS31 and or CS32. Would this be OK? Or would you still favour someone equally skilled who was NPTC assessed for everything?
  3. Yeah I think this summarizes the attitude in the industry and I've had a similar conversation with work today. However, historic course organization aside (where Lantra delivered training and then NPTC assessed), the current setup, using the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF) which both systems assess to, teaches and assesses for exactly the same things. The only difference is whether it is the same person assessing or not, which only provides assurance that someone can pass the assessment, not that they have received the best possibly quality of training. Id still like to get more feedback on which organizations accept the Lantra vs City & Guilds? I hear the Forestry Commission are happy with Lantra now and actually work closer with them than NPTC/City & Guilds? I had not considered international recognition. Lantra is not I presume?
  4. Hi, Ive been looking for chainsaw training courses recently, but have been told by my employer that it must be NPTC assessed. I believe the reasoning is that NPTC use a different person than the trainer to assess, but with Lantra there is no such requirement. In the conservation sector it seems that NPTC (City & Guilds) assessment is the preferred standard, and in many cases Lantra would be rejected despite (probably) no such requirement by their insurance. (RSPB, National Trust, Wildlife Trusts etc) It seems ludicrous, If you have recently been assessed by Lantra, to have to be reassessed on exactly the same QCF criteria, to obtain the same tickets awarded by a different body. Have I missed something? I would love to hear your experience, either as an employer or experience on the job market as to what organizations are requesting or accepting. Many thanks


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