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  1. Hello Steve thanks for the constructive criticism, although you have been rather judgemental in your reply, my ad is in designed in jest and clearly the humour has been lost on you and those who liked your comment. Indeed this may be the first reply I have had since September when I originally posted this ad, but I have had several calls offering me work full time off the back of this ad back in September. I'm not after full time work im quite happy with my 30K groundsman salary I was just after a little work at the weekends to keep me busy. As I suspected most people don't like working weekends so there isn't too much interest in finding staff for weekend work, but it was worth a try. Just a side note most normal work wanted ads only generate double figure views, I made an ad that stood out and I got around 270 views when I first posted. if I had just posted a boring hi my name is bob and I have my chainsaw tickets employ me please ad I wouldn't of had as many people looking at my ad. I know how to write a good CV thanks, what's the point in making a thread about what employers want when most people on here know. Employers are struggling to find good staff due to the cost of qualifications needed to enter the industry and a lack of hands on experience in the industry. If you do have the experience and qualifications you don't stick around at a company too long as you have a higher earning potential working self employed providing you can generate the sales leads, that's why we have so many tree surgeons around. I'll post a standard ad up and see how that goes... All the best and happy arb'ing
  2. Bumpty... bump... bump... Still looking for weekend grounds/vegetation clearance work Essex Suffolk areas Also have experience using bobcats and 360 excavator up to 10tn. Thanks Chris
  3. Hello Looking for weekend grounds work, farming background used to a hard days graft for low wages… currently working in Grounds Maintenance managing mon-fri 140acres of grassland, trees, shrubs etc if its green and it grows I’m responsible for it. Good experienced all-rounder message for full CV. I’m looking for an employer who is, * Looking for a weekend grounds man * Safety orientated * Has a sense of humour and can handle “banter” * Has the right attitude towards tea breaks * Willing to teach and share knowledge * Offers Good work (allows plenty of time on jobs, happy to top trees, and I don’t mind cutting hedges if your arborists don’t want to) In return you will receive * x1 hard working employee * Good experienced all rounder * Cs30/31 maintenance /cross cutting * Pa 1/2/6 knapsack/ booms * Lantra Brushcutters /trimmers * Lanta Rough terrain telescopic lift truck 9m * First aid at work * Tractor Operated Mower Cert * Used to operating large agricultural kit and strimmer’s chainsaws etc and looking after it properly * An employee who owns a small fortunes worth of fashionable PPE * Degree Educated oohh… * CS100 practical application of common sense at work * CS101 Safe practice of Tea/coffee making skills Happy to travel Essex/Suffolk/Kent based in Colchester Thanks Chris 07891012401


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