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  1. Thanks for all the replies, all very much appreciated. The Husky 135 certainly cheap (he will like that), are they ok, surely not Swedish made at that price?
  2. Any advice welcome. My father in law is an 83 year old farmer, he is finding the husky 346xp I gave him too heavy and is looking for a lighter saw, he had a Stihl 181 which he liked as lighter but unfortunately it was likely stolen (he thinks!). Any other suggestions to max £250? Not for very heavy work, I have a 346xp (Spud modded)and 372xp that does the majority of what we need. Many thanks
  3. Crispin

    Husqvarna Parts

    Thanks guys, will look at all the suggestions. Next trick is improving chain hand sharpening!
  4. Thanks guys, much appreciated
  5. Thanks Mark Part 12 on the 'chain brake' diagram is a ' metal bushing fits into the connection point on the bottom of the handguard and is used to aid the bolt in securing the guard' ........where is the bolt to secure the guard?? I think it is the bolt I am missing
  6. Anyone know what fixes the handguard to the chainsaw on the fuel tank side - whatever it is has fallen off and the handle is loose? Thanks
  7. Would be grateful for recommendations for online supplier for Husky chainsaw parts, need to replace a few bits on my 372xp Thanks Chris
  8. Thanks Lazarus...will try that, strange because it was working beautifully up to that point. Please feel free to pm me costs to repair/port if you wish, in case resurrection is needed.
  9. Thanks Spud Had a quick look, has a hex/allen type screw, usual allen keys may not be up to the job, may need to get some T-handled or power ones! Is this the sort of thing you would be interested in, possibly combined with a porting job?
  10. Cutting wood yesterday all going well, then suddenly becomes difficult to start, when it does run fast for about 5 seconds then dies. Now unable to get it to run, occasional short start as above then stops. What would be the likely cause...carburettor. Did check the mesh thing on the exhaust and that was fine. Pointers most welcome! Thanks Chris
  11. Thanks for all the friendly and helpful advice, really is helpful, was almost expecting a flaming for not wearing protective trousers, will have a look at what's available
  12. I purchased the E130 2-9 x-tra last year from Maplins, very good, slight niggle with the hose real handle coming off fairly easily, however the unit itself appears well made. There is a mod to get rid of the hose reel if you want ..Nilfisk E140 [with hose reel] hose replacement.. - Detailing World
  13. Would be grateful for some advice on protective gloves and trousers. I use a chainsaw a couple of hours most weeks for firewood production for myself and family. I have never worn protective trousers and feel that it's about time I considered these. What would be a reasonably priced pair of protective trousers and any recommendations for gloves, and where is a good place to purchase these Many thanks Chris
  14. Thanks, what would be the Dolmar equivalent Stubby, and are all those mentioned similar sturdy build?
  15. Hi I use a 346xp regularly for firewood on the farm, great little saw. A while back I bought a 372xp from the US thinking it may be good to have something beefier in the armoury. To date I have never used the 372 and am thinking I may be better off with something in the range between the two as it is quite heavy. High on my criteria are always built quality and durability. What would be a good choice for a saw between the two with this in mind, with ideally a 'professional' grade build. The 357xp may have been a contender but not sure if they are still made? Any advice most welcome, and suggestions for other brands (? dolmar/echo) that fit the criteria. Also, where would be a good place to sell the 372? Thanks Chris


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