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  1. Just another possibly thick on my behalf question: my bar is marked as 66DL (16 inch) - Husqvarna lists the substituted chain (20LPX) as 67DL for 16 inch ?? Can I still use the chain on this bar EDIT: sorry, ignore, looks like they do a 66DL as well! Search | Oregon Products WWW.OREGONPRODUCTS.COM
  2. That's funny and often true, some days my freehand sharpening is fine, others not good. Tried one of the Husqvarna guides and it made a huge difference, unfortunately lost it and don't recall where I got it
  3. That's what I would have thought, but the chart adw kindly posted shows different guides for semi chisel/chisel despite the pitch being and file size being the same
  4. Thanks for the input guys, and charts, I have the correct files (4.8 & 5.5mm), it's just finding the correct Husqvarna roller guide reference as they are referenced to Husqvarna chain. I think whether it micro, semi or full chisel grind also makes a difference to which guide. Still a bit muddled!
  5. Seem to be getting myself confused. Looking for Husqvarna file guide or combination file guides for the following Oregon chain: 95txl 0.50 (1.3mm) gauge & .325 pitch micro-chisel narrow kerf 72dpx 0.50 (1.3mm) gauge & 3/8 pitch semi-chisel Advice gratefully received! Thanks Chris
  6. Sorry, not sure I understand
  7. Hi Have made purchases from 2 separate ebay sellers recently for Oregon 95TXL (narrow kerf) chain, one seller is an authorised Oregon seller. Both have sent me 20LPX (full chisel) chain without any mention that this was different to what I had ordered, both when questioned advise Oregon have run out of the former and that I would probably find the substitution better. Aside from being mildly irritated that I was not given an option to accept/decline before being sent the chain, is the substitution reasonable? Have only used narrow kerf 95VPX or TXL on the saw before. The chain is used for mixed wood on a 346xp with 16 inch bar.
  8. Running a couple of 346xp's with Oregon .325 pitch 1.3mm (.050) gauge chain. Bar is 16 inch 66DL. Never tried Stihl chain, is there one compatible with the above? Thanks for any assistance
  9. Thanks for all the replies, all very much appreciated. The Husky 135 certainly cheap (he will like that), are they ok, surely not Swedish made at that price?
  10. Any advice welcome. My father in law is an 83 year old farmer, he is finding the husky 346xp I gave him too heavy and is looking for a lighter saw, he had a Stihl 181 which he liked as lighter but unfortunately it was likely stolen (he thinks!). Any other suggestions to max £250? Not for very heavy work, I have a 346xp (Spud modded)and 372xp that does the majority of what we need. Many thanks
  11. Crispin

    Husqvarna Parts

    Thanks guys, will look at all the suggestions. Next trick is improving chain hand sharpening!
  12. Thanks guys, much appreciated
  13. Thanks Mark Part 12 on the 'chain brake' diagram is a ' metal bushing fits into the connection point on the bottom of the handguard and is used to aid the bolt in securing the guard' ........where is the bolt to secure the guard?? I think it is the bolt I am missing
  14. Anyone know what fixes the handguard to the chainsaw on the fuel tank side - whatever it is has fallen off and the handle is loose? Thanks
  15. Would be grateful for recommendations for online supplier for Husky chainsaw parts, need to replace a few bits on my 372xp Thanks Chris


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