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  1. Hi Peatff, its a Victorian house which needed totally gutting. No central heating etc. The garden had x5 trees in it (including those two) plus built up with concrete. My husband and I cleared the whole garden except the two big trees as we were keen to keep them but tidy them up a bit (as one side of neighbours had complained) plus we were keen to get a bit more light in the area... But as you can see the trim/cropping has turned into butchery...
  2. One other question, if we were to take them down and grind the stump - can we replace with two new tress in the same location? (If we clear the wood chip?) Many thanks
  3. Hi all, thanks so much for all the input and recommendations. I've literally been obsessed with trees since they were butchered and have seen examples of what they will likely grow back like - not very nice at all, and very sad looking The tree is actually Cherry Plum and I've heard from someone else that it stands a 90% chance of catching Silver Leaf disease which if the case they would need to be removed over the summer anyway as they will die completely... Going to review all your comments with my hubby tonight and make a final decision this week. Will keep you posted! In the meantime if there are any other thoughts that will help us make our decision, keep them coming!
  4. Hi guys, As promised attached pictures of the poor old trees Look forward to your feedback. All the best, Chiara
  5. Hi guys, thanks all so much for getting back to me. I will get some pictures and post them first thing tmrw morning to get your views on how to deal with them. Thanks again - catch up tmrw!
  6. Meant to say "first thing" tmrw morning. All the best, Chiara
  7. Hi Goaty, Thanks so much for coming back to me. I will send some pictures rust thug tmrw morning for your review and then you can see what you think. Thanks again, Chiara
  8. My fantastic Polish builder has done such a great job on our house that I trusted him wholly when he recommended a supposed qualified aborist to crop a bit of height off our gorgeous cherry plum trees. Unfortunately it would seem he had no idea what he was doing as I came home to x2 completely butchered trees - every single leaf bearing branch removed. I am completely and utterly devastated What do you recommend I do?? Do I keep them and wait for them to grow back?? Does anyone know how long this will take?! Will we see any green this summer?? And will they ever blossom again?? How quickly might they grow back?? I'm not sure how long I can stand seeing the depressing stumps for that long... Would be great to hear any advice or recommendations that might help us through this dreadful situation. Thanks so much.


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