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  1. I can tow 3.5 tonne with my vehicle too... Any takers?
  2. I am making a trip to Catalonia in early May this year. I'm considering driving with my tools as there is some work that needs doing there. Just testing the waters to see if anyone on here might have a need for a climber around that time. I've got tickets up to 41, 7 years in the game, NVQ Level 2 & EAC qualified European Tree Worker. I hold my own Public Liability Insurance and have LOLER'd kit + climbing saws. I would consider making detours off the straightest route between England & Barcelona if it made the trip more varied and I got to gain some experience of European styles. I speak very basic French and advanced non verbal communications (hand gestures, etc.) Hard worker & easy going.
  3. Thanks everyone for your advice. The firm is called Ekorn Trepleie AS. I have got a decent sounding PL quote that will cover me for the season should the month go well. Need to get it for working in the UK anyway so not the end of the world if I'm already covered by the principal contractor's PL insurance. Very useful to know about the personal number, I'll make sure I get onto that when I get over there so thanks Rob. It's an English guy who runs the firm so hopefully he will be able to help me out with legalities but as he requested I have my own PL I thought I should get it sorted.
  4. Yes public liability. As far as I know the work package is that I'm employed as a self employed subcontactor. Kind of assumed it was the same deal as here in the UK. Not on the books so no sick pay/holiday pay. Like I said there's not much information available on the net so kind of going in blind but if its no good I'll hop on a plane.
  5. Greetings all, I have been offered a months trial working in Oslo. I was told I have to provide PL insurance as well as health insurance so have just started getting quotes. Trust told me they would cover me for one or two months working there but if I wanted any longer then I would have to arrange cover with a Norwegian firm. I'm waiting to hear back from Arborisk who have to ask their underwriters about longer term cover, should my trial lead to more work. I have tried to research this but there is not loads of information on the net so I wanted to know if anyone out there has experience of working in Norway and could advise me on PL insurance and anything else I may need to know. Thanks Harry


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