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  1. Ok thanks for the replys. I'll have a look into both the strimmer heads and decide. Cheers
  2. Hi Jack thanks for the reply. The reason I don't like them is I used one years ago and I wasn't that impressed. I found any slight knock on the ground and it was throwing out line or when you needed line sometimes you were knocking quite hard to get it to release. Just always found you know where you are with a manual feed. I'll definitely look into them though. I don't have a guard on my strimmer so no blade to cut the line would it be an issue ( is it quite sensitive to knocks for releasing line). Cheers
  3. Hi I have a stihl fs 400 strimmer. I'm looking to replace the cutting head, but can't seem to find a decent one. I don't Like the bump feed ones, i would rather a manual line feed and preferably one with a smooth rounded Base for running along short grass. Has any one any suggestions? The head that's being replaced was called an arnetoli motor - great head with a double spool for line but I can't find anything similar. Cheers
  4. Hi thanks for the replys. I'll try it with some petrol and see if it's pumping through. And failing that, strip it down and check each part. Thanks
  5. Hi I've got a stihl ms 390 farm boss and the bar is not oiling. I've had the bar and chain off and cleaned the track and also the oil holes are clear but it doesn't seem to be oiling, although when you start it up with no bar it's puming oil through. Anyone any ideas?
  6. Hi looking for a bit of help. I'm needing a new clutch for my stihl fs400 strimmer buy when I'm looking online I can't seem to find one. All I'm getting is links for eBay which I'm a bit reluctant to buy from. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks for that Barrie, I'll have a look tommorow and hopefully it is just something simple like that. Cheers
  8. Bit of an update. Got around to stripping it down and I've found the clutch is pretty worn down and the bottom main bearing is jamming so this looks to be the problem. Need to get some parts ordered up for it. However I've ran into a new problem with the mower now. I though while I'm at it I'll strip the carb off and give it a clean out as well however when I've put it back on and connected the 2 rods and spring back up the choke is engaging fine but the throttle isnt . strange as I only disconnected it from the carb side and never took the rods fully off. can't see anything obvious that's the problem. Cheers
  9. Hi thanks for all the replys, I will get onto cleaning the plug and carb etc and also strip and check the rotostop and see what's at fault. Ill post back once I've done this and let your know.cheers
  10. Hi just joined this site so hello to everyone on here. Not too sure if I'm posting in the right forum but I'm having a bit of trouble with starting my lawnmower. It's a Honda hrb 535. Just got it out after the winter to give it a look over before spring and when you pull Start it its feeling quite hard to pull, not anything too drastic that you can't pull it but as if some things binding on. Also it took a fair old bit to get it to even fire and even then another 15 to 20 pulls before it started running. When I eventually got it going I let it run for a bit and when you engage the blade, again its quite tight before it engages fully as if something's binding on. Plenty of oil in it etc. Any help appreciated. Cheers


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