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    Go lo Pro?

    I didn't snap any chains just blown sprocket tips I think that was the first time it happened in the pic. If im remember correctly the second tip failure had no distortion. I was pretty stumped tbh thought it could have been a bad batch of tips meby. The guy I was working for has replaced the tip now and wants to have another go when the land dries out so I'll make an effort to document events and conditions if anything bad happens
  2. rich91

    Go lo Pro?

    I had problems with sprocket tips exploding. Luckily or unluckily it wasn't my gear. I was running it for someone else. Couldn't makemuch sense of it as none of my gear has ever self distructed like that. I thought it might have been a duff batch of tips. It was a 48 inch lo pro ona panther mill 661 combo with an aux oiler milling big oak Gave a lovely finish till it blew. Went through 2 sprockets in 3 days. Which was actually 2 days milling cos of downtime with tips.
  3. i was just going to sharpen by hand to start with. but iv been needing an excuse to buy a chain grinder and iv got a few rocked chains that i don't have the energy or the time to sort out. unfortunately cant afford one atm so will have to manage hand filing for now, should be ok im pretty good at keeping my chains even. good tip about timing ill deffinatly be using that one rich
  4. aye i ordered some bits earlier got a 30 power match bar. Oregon ripping chain and 24 inch mill ill upload some pics of my first attempts at milling when they arrive and i get the chance cheers for the help guys rich
  5. cheers for the response, I think ill go for the 24 and invest in a big bar. how do the different brands of ripping chain compare to each other? rich
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  7. hi, iv been thinking about getting into milling, my largest saw is a ms 460. my question is what mill to go for? the small log mill or the mrkIII 24 alaskan. i would be looking to produce planks for seat bases and shelves, stuff like that. any advice welcome. all the best, rich


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