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  1. Thanks for the sympathy! serial numbers on the 362. 184228764 661. 180999470 other saws were older so taking a bit longer to get there numbers.
  2. Nope didn’t have the saws insured, this was near Godalming in Surrey. I will go honeys and get my serial numbers if they have them on file and share.
  3. Hi Guys, All of my chainsaws were stolen last night. Please let me know if you hear or see any of the following being sold by some dodgy cunt! 1 x Ms 880 1 x Ms 661 1 x Ms 461 1 x Ms 362 1 x Ms 260 1 x Ms 201 1 x Ms 200 1 x Ms 150 1 x Echo 2511T 1 x BR600
  4. Yeah pretty irritating how every year even if nothing changes, you make no claims they somehow think charging you a load extra is okay 😡.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, managed to knock trust down a bit. I got a few other quotes and they were quite a bit more so I will just renew with trust.
  6. Hi Guys, Who is everyone using for plant cover? (Just on a Timberwolf 230.) I am currently using trust but my premium has gone up from £350 to £500 + for no reason so wondering if anyone is offering a more competitive price. Policy I currently have is new for old. Thanks
  7. Hi Mate, I saw a post on AT Facebook page yesterday by alex terry from South Wales tree services asking for staff. Might be worth dropping him a message on there.
  8. Possibly and never owned up
  9. Fairly new owners, when they moved in they were already dead. I didn’t notice any lesions, they are surrounded by shingle but I would have thought they’d all be dead if that was the issue.
  10. Could anyone shed any light on why some of these conifers in this hedgerow have died? I can’t see any fruiting bodies around the stumps. Thanks for any help in advance.
  11. Thanks for your reply, the only reason I suspected pest is one of the other trees being affected is in a bed and I wouldn’t have thought that it would have been attacked with a strimmer but maybe it was.
  12. Hi guys, Anyone know what this pest is and is there anything that can be done to another tree beginning to be attacked? Thanks
  13. Thanks for your feedback Mark!
  14. Having recently attended a workshop day for becoming an Arb approved contractor I wanted to ask anyone on here that has gone on and gained the approved status a few questions. Did you find that new doors began to open? (I currently do 98% domestic work, I am having to become VAT registered and will probably have to seek more commercial work.) A lot of the guys at the workshop sounded like they already had a certain amount of commercial clients and were looking to gain the status to cement their relationship. I have seen a certain amount of negativity towards the scheme on Facebook groups and wanted to know if companies on here share the same opinion or if they feel it is value for money? Appreciate any feedback Thanks
  15. Yes but even on the milder days it's doing this and prior to the pipe coming loose and me changing the oil they would spin properly straight away.


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