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  1. Thank you for your comments, will look to confirm with sample / lab test [emoji106]
  2. As anyone had any experience of the above where you could share comments about the equipment use when determining integrity of root plate / leaning tree?
  3. No evidence of fungal fruiting bodies and no dull sound when tested with hammer. However, crown was sparse / tree stressed.
  4. Interested to hear how this is / was compromised
  5. Brill my kind of tree freaks [emoji41][emoji106]
  6. Cheers , I was thinking it was more like what I know in common speak as an American timber poplar sp. Unfortunately there are four trees each about 25m in height over a public right of way and cycle track : they have recently started to shed 750cm diam limbs (not included unions) which i believe to be the start of natural retrenchment. The trees are not like the Manchester pop variety, which although not ideal can form a new head and managed as a "fake pollard". However, the pops you suggest might be true black dont seem to regenerate as well so considering removal and replacement planting. Any comments / ideas would be interesting to see.
  7. Is anyone suitably up to speed with pop ident to advise if this is a particular species rather than the usual "hybrid black" label ?
  8. Ok cheers that was one on my list of three, the other choices being:- ganoderma australe or innonotus dryadeus [emoji106]
  9. Noticed the attached recently on two sides of a field perimeter, ash and a young oak with the new shoots blackened. Considered frost damage as well but ash stems seem to have the scarring. Any comments?


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