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  1. Tim Ashburner

    Tree surveying highway safety signs

    Thank you all for your comments, I will look at the exclamation type sign with tree surveying and robust risk assessment etc, PPE as required by client (full high viz) and plenty of due care and attention. Cheers
  2. Tim Ashburner

    Tree surveying highway safety signs

    Looking to carry out survey on various roads appreciate governed by highways criteria to a degree but would you suggest men at work with tree surveying attached to bottom of sign or the exclamation mark with same detail. Mindful that we are not blocking carriageway I.e. parking van in side road and surveying along highways verge? Any advice what current practice is gratefully accepted
  3. Tim Ashburner

    Bore hole id

    Ok thanks I have contacted tree alert just in case as I have not seen anything similar in this area before
  4. Tim Ashburner

    Bore hole id

    Found these holes at base of sycamore I am thinking ALB; any comments / ideas?
  5. Tim Ashburner

    N&J Tree Services Ltd

  6. Tim Ashburner

    Tree ident please

    Definitely pear smell & taste. Thank you for all your input 👍
  7. Tim Ashburner

    Tree ident please

    I will carry out operation tomorrow and cut the beast in half for a seed check
  8. Tim Ashburner

    Tree ident please

    Pear was one I was thinking (this is the tree). The fruit actually looks like a large quince .
  9. Tim Ashburner

    Tree ident please

    6 - 7m high tree (I've got an idea between two species but want to test the experts)
  10. Tim Ashburner

    Tree surveying

    Yeh it's in rugged case I will see if I can put something together cheers [emoji106]
  11. Tim Ashburner

    Tree surveying

    I am currently using a 10" Samsung galaxy tab with software to carry out tree surveys and am looking for a chest harness to carry the unit hands free: does anyone know where I can purchase such, as I have had no joy from my contact with Samsung ??
  12. Tim Ashburner

    Fungi id ?

    Cheers [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  13. Tim Ashburner

    Fungi id ?

    Picture taken today of basal fruiting bodies around quercus rubra
  14. Tim Ashburner

    Fungus id on ash ?

    Any offers of this fungus at base of ash ?
  15. Tim Ashburner

    Sycamore shedding plates of bark

    Adjacent sycamore weren't peeling and shedding like this one - anything to do with drought ?


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