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  1. i spend most of my days wanting to sack him doesn't mean i'm going to or want to 90% of people would of a long time ago fair is fair
  2. thanks for all the messages. I'm a easy going boss i never shout cos that gets you no where as people switch off and i dont expect you to get it first time over a year and a half a keeps doing the same silly mistakes on a daily basis
  3. he's keen as mustard just clueless works hard just does not seem to progress any
  4. how long would you keep a trainee before you want to chop them up and feed them into the chipper have had mine for a long time and see no progress spend most of my day wanting to sack him
  5. Hi everyone I am looking at becoming a heath and safety officer for our company as we don't have one yet and just don't have the funds behind us to pay for an external one Does anyone have any ideas on how I go about doing this? Or know of any cheap external H&S officers that we can use? Thanks
  6. We require a climber for our team, must be WL1 authorised with Scottish Power or be able to make the transition. Must have all relevant Certificates (Chainsaw & Electrical) TO WORK ON A SELF-EMPLOYED BASIS If you would like to apply please email us at; [email protected]
  7. We are looking for places to dump our woodchip or people to give it to Does anyone know anyone or anywhere in north wales where we can offload our chip?
  8. Here we have a Mercedes Unimog 416 This Unimog has a 3-way tipping body, a tool storage box and has just been fitted with a brand new hydraulic pump. This machine is an absolute animal and will start first time every time even after it has been left standing for long periods of time. Also included in the sale is a towing plate that can be attached to the rear of the mog. Things to be aware of; · This unimog needs new front tyres · The handbrake is faulty · The speedometer is not working · The hand throttle is snapped · There are a few rust patches on the body This Unimog is over 30 years old so it is not in showroom condition but for its age it is in very good condition. Viewing is welcomed, for more information please call Kev on 07800838822. Will SWAP for a 4wd tractor, please call. Payments Instant Bank Transfer or cash on collection please http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171169452725?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  9. We require a full time lead climber to join our team. Must have all relevant certificates (Chainsaw & Electrical) and be able to hold a WL1 Authorisation for Scottish Power. Also helpful if can drive whilst towing a trailer Self Employed basis in North Wales apply via email to [email protected]


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