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  1. I'd like to check there isn't a lot of crap inside the carb. I took the top plate off but the black diaphragm below it seems to be glued down. I don't dare force it without knowing if I should or not. Is it a bad idea to peel it off the carb body and would that get me access to all the chambers to clean them out? Pic below to show how far I got. It's a 2019 560xp. Cheers
  2. Greetings all, Just wondering if anyone has a manual for an old Cundey peeler they could upload for me? There's no sign of them online and I'm pretty sure the company went bust again a few years back. We're considering getting one of the Lister or Peter engined ones that are towable behind a pickup. It's probably the cheapest option to figure out if it's all worth our while and it'd be good to know how you're supposed to use and maintain them compared to what I've seen so far...
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I actually plucked up the courage to open it up and take look myself. I was afraid of things pinging but it's as straightforward as everyone says. I can confirm that you definitely should see bars in both slots. Someone must have opened it up and reassembled it wrongly at some point. The component that's supposed to be located by the slots is pictured below. The end closest to the camera is the bar that bridges across to both slots. It looks like it'll be fine once I've cleaned it up. There's a bit of surface rust to deal with but I'm convinced that it's over 40 years old so it's doing very well. The one thing that nobody tells you is that the case bolts require Whitworth spanners! Neither metric nor modern imperial fit!
  4. I recently scored an ancient 30cwt tirfor T-13 on eBay for 99p when no one else bid on the auction. I'll be pretty chuffed if I can figure out if it's safe to use. There's one thing that maybe looks different from everyone else's photos that I need advice on: So there's a slot cut into both sides of the casing, close to where the cable should enter the winch. A small bar pokes through this slot from the inside of the winch. It's obviously securing part of the mechanism. Every photo shows this so it must be by design. My question is- on your T-13, does a bar poke through on BOTH sides of the winch? On mine, there's a bar poking through on one side like this: But on the other side the slot hole is empty like this: I'm wondering if something has come adrift or sheared off inside? It would be awesome if someone could confirm what their T-13 looks like. Should both slots be filled or just one? A very wordy way to ask a simple question I know...
  5. Hey Rob, sorry I never replied. You must think I'm so rude. I had to sort myself out sharpish and actually put my order in with you a few days before your response. I eventually realised that I didn't need the performance of a solid bar so I went for the cheaper Sugi ProLams instead of the Tsumuras. I've found them to be incredibly hard wearing compared to the bog standard Oregon laminates I always used to use, let alone the Husqy bars that come with a new saw and wouldn't even last the first season. I'm amazed nobody talks about the ProLams. They're the best value for money bars for general use I've ever come across. I also discovered your deal on the chain breaking/making tools. With the savings on my bars I bit the bullet and got a reel of the bpx21 to see me through. I always find it hard to stop the chain twisting on the anvil but I'm muddling through. Thanks for your help and great service on my order. I'll very likely be getting some small milling bars and chains off you after Xmas once I've properly figured out what I need. Cheers Ben
  6. Hey Rob, Everyone seems to say you're the chainsaw guru around this neck of the woods- can I beg a little advice please? I'm intending to pre-order a couple of Tsumura Pro Solid bars off you for my 560XP, (15" & 18" @ .325 / .058.) Could you recommend me the best value for money chain to run on them please? I'm doing sweet chestnut coppice & smallish broadleafs. I'll eventually set myself up to buy reels and make my own but it'll have to be pre-made loops for now. I don't want cheap crap but I'm wary of over-speccing as well. Any suggestions? Thanks, Ben
  7. Thanks peeps, You've confirmed what I feared- when buying from a random private seller you really need to know your 2 stroke engines. Whilst I've swapped out just about every auxillary component in various Husqies over the years, anything inside the block is still a dark art to me. Back in the day I used to clean out carbs and reset them on the tach but I've never learnt how to fettle autotune so even that's out now. I was hoping to get a refurbished one from a dealership. S J Daws is the obvious place around here but they didn't have anything, hence posting on this forum. So I bit the bullet yesterday and just phoned every single place Google said sold saws in Kent. They're all pretty much set up as lawn mower & horticulture shops so I drew a blank until I chanced upon Mowtastic. They've got a cupboard full of trade-in Husquies that have only seen light use! Anything he gets that's obviously had a hard life goes straight on eBay for spares or repairs but these ones will get a full refurb from the engine techs and go out with a 6 month warranty. He didn't want to talk price until they've been through the workshop but I'm seriously considering just getting a pair of used 550 XPs off him if they're reasonable. I'll have to wait a bit as they're snowed under opening the new shop in Harrietsham but it's my only option so far and Chris there has been really helpful. You buggers better not buy them in the meantime ?
  8. I'm going to have to go self employed cutting chestnut coppice as piece work for a bit. I've always worked for large organisations so I'm having to buy my own kit for the first time. I'll take advantage of the clearance deals for a brand new mk1 Husqy 550XP as my daily saw but I'd like to get 1 or 2 used saws as backup in case of problems. I can't afford downtime. I'm worried half the saws on Ebay will be stolen or just knackered. Not that there's many pro .325" Huskys on there anyway. There's nothing on the Arbtalk classifieds. What are my options? I'm only after something for occasional, backup use that will take the same chains as the new 550. I'm in Kent if that matters.


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