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  1. Has anyone managed to speak to anyone at Riko this year ? I've left numerous voice mail messages and sent several emails but no answer ? Their service is normally very good so not sure whats happened ????
  2. I've just posted a log drying kiln for sale on Arbtrader for a friend . Well worth a look.....
  3. kiln dried with holes in the bags
  4. Hi, Does anyone on here use poly bags for packing logs instead of nets. I'm looking for 40 and 60 litre bags. Any suggestions on where to source them and a bag sealer ? Any help wou;d be much appreciated Thanks Duffryn
  5. A mate has a Posch and recons its 50 bags an hour but that you really need second person to tie and stack to keep up with it. The exact length of wood seems critical for these otherwise jams will really slow you down.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a load of Apple / Cherry - Ideally 8ft lengths though will be flexible with Apple. Ideally located within 25 miles of LD3 0SU. Also looking for crane bags of sawdust - oak, beech, alder, cherry, apple, maple. Dust must be pure to species, free from contamination and not cut by a chainsaw. Please PM with any availability / prices Many Thanks Duffryn
  7. Not passing judgment here, bagged 200 bags today as a test and thought f that for a game of soldiers. By the time you take depreciation / repairs on kit, extra time to move stuff around, break downs, jams hassle into account I couldn't see it was worth it. I calculated I was better off buying it in and spending my time maximising sales price and volume.
  8. Then you must be at best breaking even on this
  9. Understood but this has to be marginal to say the least, especially when you turn 18.
  10. so paying yourself say £10 an hour for extra wok and doing 25 nets and hour , minus cost of bags you are selling at around £65 a cube ? If you don't mind me askirng , what do you think it costs you to produce a cube of hardwood logs ( not bagged) ?
  11. Just out of interest what is the volume of one of these bags when filled ? 45 x 60 x?
  12. Thanks I know Ash - Ill give him a call
  13. I'm after a supplier and price for wholesale kindling - must be bone dry - 5kg bags. Would appreciate a PM with price / volume breaks delivery Hay on Wye area. Many Thanks Duffryn
  14. 50-60 tonne of hardwood for sale. Felled 18 months ago and stored in windy roadside location so has dried out nicely. Nice and straight , vast majority processor friendly size. Given its lost a lot of weight need £60 a tonne roadside. Mainly Beach and Oak. Can help with local transport if required. Viewing by arrangement welcome . Located LD3 0SU Near Hay on Wye
  15. Agreed the key to getting the most out of a GF boiler is keeping the fuel below the secondary air vents. This rather defeats having such a large fuel chamber and means that you have to refuel on a regular basis but its the only way to reduce the smoke ( i.e by allowing the secondary air to do its job)


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