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  1. You get a fair bit more than 20 x 40L bags out of a 1m3 loose cube. The point is that net sales tend to be counter cyclical to bulk bag sales, helping to keep the operation running. In season view them as incremental additional sales
  2. For me it's a spring summer job building up stocks. It depends what you sell the nets for and the minimum qty. Camp sites, garages etc with a pallet load at a time can make decent money. This bit of kit has got the costs right down. Pack them 50 on a pallet and easy handling thereafter.
  3. well i paid £4k plus vat but would have happily paid more for the savings it's given me
  4. About £4K , so loads cheaper than the two other options out there and a hell of a lot less space. I've found a key part of the speed is having the logs presented to the operator. Pics attached
  5. Got it up to 90 nets an hour working on 60L nets and 110 nets and hour on 40L nets today. I think this is probably the maximum output we will get by 5 x faster than doing it by hand with a tipping log tray and so much easier
  6. It's a bit cleverer than it looks in that the chute opens to grab the net tight. Got it from a guy called John Payne. Very reasonable priced too Paynes Products - Farm Equipment Supplier PAYNESPRODUCTS.COM Farm Equipment Supplier
  7. I thought I'd share a quick video of a new bit of kit I've brought to speed up packing log nets. This thing has changed our lives for the better, bloody amazing. Packs 75-80 logs nets an hour over a full day. here the lads are packing jumbo 60L nets , it's quicker on the standard hardwood nets. The lads are still fresh at the end of the day and I recon the machine will have paid for itself in less than 2 months
  8. Urgently looking for hardwood log nets. Must weigh 12-15kg per net - 40 -50L nets. Max 27cm long. I know the weight requirement makes no sense but I supply a poorly educated market of experts Delivery to LD3 Looking for 1,000 nets a week. Payment at point of delivery. Will happily provide references from other arbtalk members about my volume and payment Please PM me with qty, spec and price
  9. Has anyone managed to speak to anyone at Riko this year ? I've left numerous voice mail messages and sent several emails but no answer ? Their service is normally very good so not sure whats happened ????
  10. I've just posted a log drying kiln for sale on Arbtrader for a friend . Well worth a look.....
  11. kiln dried with holes in the bags


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