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  1. A Unicender is on its way to Norway.. Cant wait to test it! Yale XTC 11mm rope
  2. Thanks a lot for all the excellent replies! All of them and the excellent videos from mr Mumford has made me come to the decision of ordering or not, and its already on the way here The store i contacted had never sold any of these before, but they are a dealer of Rock Exotica and they ordered it for me. Many thanks to vpg.no
  3. I havent considered the hitch climbing systems, although ive checked out some of them, and i love the simplicity of it all. The system you posted looked smooth, easy, and safe, many thanks for the video rumination But i kind of have a thing for the mechanical stuff, im not sure why though. Ive seen on some videos that they are also using an adjustable tether with the unicender, depending on the current setup. Anyone got more info about those? Im thinking about putting the Unicender in place of my Croll. The setup would be the a hand ascender on top, a backup rope down to the harness, and a foot loop as well. Unicender with a bungee cord to advance it. And a Pantin for a walker setup. Or would it be possible to ascend using the Unicender in place of the hand ascender? The only thing to disconnect would be the Croll to come back down.. Any thoughts from you unicender users out there?
  4. Hello treeclimbers Ive been climbing for around half a year using the frog system. My current gear consists of the Petzl Avao harness with the Top Croll as well. Im using a Petzl Ascension with a footloop and a backup 8mm rope to the Croll. A Petzl Grigri for descending. Also im using the Petzl Grillon to assist in changeovers and as a lanyard. I also have a Pantin + a bunch of carabiners. All in all im very happy with my Petzlified bag of gear, and the Yale XTC 11mm rope works good with all my stuff. But, im just looking for a better way to ascend / descend where i dont have to do the changeover, and was thinking about the Unicender in a frog setup. What kind of gear do i need apart from the Unicender?
  5. Thanks for all the replies! Does the Cinch grab the rope quickly when weight is put on it?
  6. Hello forum Im considering the Trango Cinch as my lanyard adjuster.. Anyone who as ever tried using it as an adjuster? Does it grab the rope quickly? Releases easily under load? Its only going to be used for recreational treeclimbing.
  7. Google Oversetter Translated from a Norwegian news-site.. Breaking strength of 25291 kN. Not bad! But how would you tie a knot with that?


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