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  1. Hi, anyone looking for a free tip location near Launceston Cornwall? We are just off the A30 near Altarnun. Easy access. Pine and hardwood chip welcome. Message me for more details kr Rob
  2. Hi its for a 80kw burner supplying a small district heating system. TO conversion was provided by the boiler company. The wood needs to be below 20% misture when burnt. I guess that explains the high conversion figure to a degree.
  3. Nick, thanks for the quick reply. If it was hardwood how much would the price go up by?
  4. Hi, we are about to buy a property and are looking at installing a log boiler. I am evaluating the timber input costs to see if it stacks up. I will need around 40 tonnes (seasoned) per year to run it. (80m3 green unseasoned??). I have a large barn for storage (it will take loads more than this figure) so I can take timber all year to coincide with your own barns filling up perhaps in the summer months? The location is just off the a30 and is an easy tip. What sort of prices would I be looking at for processed materials or unprocessed arb arisings? I can also take chip if a dump is needed to sweeten the deal. Many thanks
  5. Hi again, the location we are looking at is just off the a30 at Altarnun near Launceston. Sounds too far north for you ADOWNING7?
  6. Hi, I am new to this forum so please excuse my ignorance. I am about to purchase a small farm on the Devon Cornwall border. Within the farm there is a large covered store / barn. We would be interested in forming a co-operative / association with local arborists. The initial proposal would be to purchase arisings which we would then store and process into logs. The arborists who are members of the co-operative would then have access to the logs at a cost plus basis to then sell into the market at whatever price they wish. In effect we would provide the processing and storage, the arborist provides the raw material and potentially the end consumer market if they wish. Is this pie in the sky? If it is sort of workable what tweaks would you propose? Your thoughts would be most welcome - but please excuse me if I am talking ballcocks


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