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  1. Hi - we have 74 of these stacks of kiln dried birch available - 1.14 x 1.0 x 0.62m in size each one will fill one nad a half of the standard "dumpy bags" 78 pounds each wholesale
  2. thanks for the replies everyone - someone has offered to collect these now
  3. About 50 x 10kg packs need taking away - many have damage where water has leaked in. Need to remove them and of course you can keep any that are not damaged. PM me with your details and a price for doing the job if you're interested.
  4. I dont suppose a bottle of wine thrown in with the deal is of any use??
  5. ok - hows this - Ill courier any one of the 'extras' from my website to whoever takes it (except the log store) https://www.luxurywood.co.uk/extras
  6. ok - very funny! Its abut 8-10 metres long, would make good logs without even splitting them. Nobody interested? D
  7. Will be sending out prices next week - if interested pm me or register email address at wholesalewood.co.uk Dave
  8. bring chainsaw - 5 inches diam
  9. Large branch fallen off - enough to fill a transit van if cut up - is in KT10 9TY free to the first person who PM's me wanting it
  10. For anyone registered for our monthly newsletter! Register for our Newsletter
  11. 12 cubic meters of kiln dried birch for £600 cash to be collected in Cambridge. Can be mixed with semi-seasoned wood to make an excellent hardwood mix ready for sale. SMS Dave 07824 833 388
  12. 24 x 2m3 crates of Alder and 300 40l nets if kiln dried birch arriving first week of February - available for order (equates to 90 cubic meters loose) Please message me if interested.
  13. Now also available 32 2m3 crates of Birch/Alder mix - can be delivered first week February.
  14. Surplus to existing stock. Please PM me - Please note I DO have a lsiting in the firewood directory - just cant figure out how to link to it!!!
  15. can someone help me? I want to notify folks of some wood I have for sale but I know I need to link to my trade listing (The Luxury Wood Company). Can someone tell me how to do this?


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