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  1. Thanks Charlieh! - very kind of you to go to the trouble; i hope your wife didn't find it too sinister a photoshoot.
  2. oh, that's disappointing - is that because the trunk is more sort of split up into different parts rather than one central column? Rowan has the rights myths and witchcraft stories around it to fit perfectly. Hmmm....
  3. David, that is brilliant news - especially as that is EXACTLY where my play is set THANK YOU! Any idea where I might find an image of it online? Face, its important because a character hides a body inside a hollow tree - i'm not a pyscho I promise! Best wishes, Paul
  4. Hello there, Are Rowan trees always pretty small/thin trunk-wise? I can't find images online of any that are particularly chunky. Btw, this is research for a play and I know nothing about trees so apologies now for stupid questions! Paul
  5. Alec, thank you that's really fantastically helpful! Presumably all the trees you suggest can form heartwood? I think I read somewhere that some species don't...? It may have been wikipedia though...
  6. apologies if these are very stupid questions!!!
  7. thanks for the responses , Sloth and treeseer I can't say too much re the plot but the trees are both metaphorical and part of the plays setting. The first things I really need to do is make sure that the tree species I am referring to: 1. Can possibly/probably grown in the highlands of Scotland 2. Grow closely alongside one another 3. Would suffer from heartwood and, in one case, heart-rot. At the moment I'm using the tree species black locust, mulberry, hickory, hackbush and ash....
  8. Hello, I am brand new to this forum and know very little about trees - or nature! I am a playwright researching heartwood and heart-rot, specifically in trees found in Scotland, where my play is set. This is my sixth play. I would be most grateful if anyone could help answer some questions to ensure I get my facts right and do all tree-lovers proud with this play; I've found this process a fascinating one with the research I have done so far and value any tips or support you good people can offer. Hope to hear from you! Paul L Martin


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