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  1. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    This is one just before it came down. It was felled once the Police Officer had finished writing out the ticket for the trucker. He was slightly over the 7.5t weight limit.
  2. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    They were dropped in early December. I just moved them a hundred yards away from the road. It would be a b####y strong magpie lifting anything from them though.
  3. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    I'm awaiting a reply from a member on here who has enquired. These will be available to be picked up from a concrete hard standing.
  4. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    Maurice. I gave them a small tug with a tractor to finish the job.
  5. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    Right hand side and left hand side of tree number one. Number two. Number three. The knarly one. Number four.
  6. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    HazzyGawa. You must be driving around with your eyes closed if you haven't seen where these trunks came from. I've seen you often enough getting a chipper from Keith Irwin's. I think I have got to post up the shots on Monday,and then you can tell me who will handsomely reward me for them.
  7. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    I wasn't sure what you meant earlier. But no. These are from a field that has not held animals. So has not been fenced. No hidden metal surprises. Think more Cold Ashby / West Haddon. At least one of these trunks must be three tonnes in weight. My telehandler is rated to 2.7t. But can't raise more than two feet from the ground lifting this one.
  8. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    Just off Junction 1 of the A14.
  9. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    Very good. I've spoken to him once. I've left messages. I've rung and had no answer. But he must be worth trying again if someone from Edinburgh recommends him.
  10. Who takes trunks? ( Northants.)

    Evening all. I'm a farmer, who has I confess joined this site looking for help. I had a pair of Oaks, and a pair of Ash trees dropped for me at the back end of 2011. I could easily (with chainsaw, logsplitter and sawbench) knock one of the oaks into firewood. But that seems almost wasteful. Who near me (Leics,Warks,N'hants) could I approach with a view to taking these trunks? They are all around twelve to fourteen feet long. Roughly three feet across. Can't post pics until back at work on Monday. Three are what I would call clean and "unknotted". One would be a bit "knarly"


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