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  1. Weight wise + insurance its going to be near £450 to £550 and to be fair im not sure that i will need the same size saws so i think i will just buy fresh when i get there and also since ive mentioned it to one of my chums about two hours ago my phone hasnt stopped ringing and ive only got the 06 440 and some breakers left to sell. Any takers?
  2. I did the visa on my own all my employer did was to fill out a form i sent him and gave me an employment contract it was so easy i cant believe i nearly paid for it. I sent my visa away on a Wednesday and got it back the following Thursday. Ive just done 12 months for now to save on medicals etc as it was near £1000 for both of us and i dont even know if i want to stay yet so if i do i,ll get them done over there and extend or change my visa. Im trying to buy a nissan safari from up your neck of the woods so i,ll pop in and drop some beers off when i come pick it up. Again thanks for your help and advice.
  3. Hey There Im moving to Hurunui in the south island and cheers im thinking it will be best to sell them before i go. Anyone want any saws 06 440, 05 353, 07 361, 09 200t pm for prices all in excellent condition
  4. On a serious note does anyone actually know if its legal to send my saws?
  5. Dont Worry Tommy Im going to leave the mines next to my chemical weapons, can of hairspray and my books??????? I should have put the entire list on here it really makes for a good read and im pretty sure even if you sent a box of fresh air it would be wrong somehow. I really will miss timmy the toothfish.
  6. im gutted that im going to have to leave my Antarctic toothfish at home aswell.
  7. I might sound like a thicky which well i am, but royal mail say that you cannot send chainsaws in the post or freight to NZ???? Prohibited products are not permitted in the mail under any circumstances: * Animals, plants, birds, bees, dairy and plant products, and so on. * Antarctic toothfish, Patagonian toothfish. * Anti-personnel mines. * Books, magazines, video recordings, films, computer disks, sound recordings, and so on that are objectionable within the meaning of the Films Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993. * Bulk importations of the following controlled (ozone depleting) substances CFCs 11, 12, 13, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216 and 217 A range of HCFCs and HBFCs, Halons 1211, 1301 and 2402, Methyl Chloroform, Carbon Tetrachloride, Methyl Bromide, Aerosol sprays which contain any of the above substances other than Methyl Bromide. * Cannabis utensils, such as bongs, hash pipes, hookahs (also known as arguileh, hubble bubble, shisha, sheesha, Turkish, or water pipes) and certain roach clips and methamphetamine pipes. * Chainsaws. * Chemical weapons and a range of chemicals that may be used in the manufacture of chemical weapons.
  8. Hey Guys Does anyone know how or if i can send my saws to New Zealand????? If i cant do it then i,ll have a few saws for sale ha.
  9. Hey Dudes Sorry ive not been on here sooner ive just been mega busy with work and arranging my big move. Yeah you guessed it i got my visa and i fly out on the 8th of October Woo Hoo!!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped and advised and a massive thanks to Taupotreeman for all your help and advice i owe you several beers.
  10. Would you NZ chaps recommend the north or south island? Ive been part offered jobs on both of the islands but as i have never been i don't know which is better if any?
  11. Hey man Im after moving and staying not just a working holiday.
  12. I,ll keep you posted on any progress made and again thank you for your input and help.
  13. Hey Mark Thats pretty random as i emailed them today, i will drop them a phone call and do a bit of name dropping as there's no better beer than a free one. And thanks for the big up regarding my qualifications as i only listed about a third of what i have which makes me feel trippley better. Im just hoping that there is somebody over there that will see me in the same light. If you find a kiwi brides website let me know ha it could make things easier for me. Thanks for getting in touch with your mate its much appreciated.


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