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  1. Ah ok, fair enough! That Fordson would look great in the woods!
  2. Seriously nice trio of tractors there! Do they get used much nowadays?
  3. At the risk of sounding like a complete novice... what is the purpose of double drum winches, compared to the seemingly more common single drum variant? Quite a few of you guys seem to use the double drums, and I see a lot of the old County's etc with them on...

    <p>Where are you located RG?</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>My Old Man has couple of Igland 4000 double drum winches, they're not 3 point linkage though but currently mounted on Ford 3000's but should be straight swap onto a Major. They have extended drums for high leading and he has the towers also.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Located just West of Glasgow, let me know if of interest.</p>



  5. I see... definitely don't want that happening! Hi Bennovet. Thanks for sharing pics. That's a nice looking set up. Do you use it for winching trees over, swell as skidding? If so, how does it cope? Would you sell the Major and Winch together? And if so, what sort of money would you be looking for? Feel free to PM me if you prefer. Also, whereabouts are you situated? Thanks. Rob.
  6. Makes perfect, logical sense when you think about it.. hence why more weight on the front is preferred when winching I guess. Thanks
  7. Hi Openspaceman. Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting and informative post. Couple of winch related horror stories there too... certainly pays to 'play it safe' as best you can. I've definitely been put off the older type units now, at least until I have sufficient experience to get the best out of one safely. Would you consider the higher pull of an A frame type unit to be an advantage or disadvantage for assisted direction felling? Many thanks. Rob.
  8. Ok, thankyou. Thats sound advice.
  9. Ok great, I'll certainly bear that in mind. Do you have any pics at all?
  10. Fair enough. Ill look into that then. Thanks John.
  11. Fair enough. Ill look into that then. Thanks John.
  12. Posted my last reply before I saw this! Obviously, it's only fair that SlackMaGirdle has first refusal on these, but if he doesn't, I may be interested John.
  13. Ah ok, that makes sense. I'll have to look out for some Fordson front weights then!


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