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  1. Arb climber issue 4

    Would any 1 have an issue of arb climber 4 i would like to read the article on ballistic ppe in tree work for heat exhaustion etc. We are made wear them [the jackets i mean] in the public service ....any thoughts:
  2. benchmark wages for the tree industry

    pay for the local authority is around 420 euro a week after tax....
  3. Hi all I just started work with local authority after 15 yrs contract climbing. I'm try to get more money for our tree crew as we are only earning general operative wages, disgraceful pay for chainsaw use {wouldnt live on them}.I have approached our union rep. we discussed bringing the tree crew into the semi-craftmanship rates. He said i would have a better chance if I could bring forward rates of pay which are earned in the industry that we could bench mark against, is the anywhere i can find this as i dont even think anything like this exists. taking into account im in ireland and rates here vary....100 -130 euro for groundie and anywhere between 150-250 climbing dep. on experiance
  4. capel manor course

    just wondering what it covers u to do again .....
  5. capel manor course

    i done a course in 2003 amenity horitculture phase 2 ......is the course still called that or wha??
  6. ISA acredditations

    hi guys quick question are ISA ceu courses recognised in the industry???..started working for local authority and have a bit of time now to study,done the short couse in capel manor 13yrs ago working like a dog ever since.....kicking back now.realyy want to get into surveying trees,any good onlince courses..... cheers
  7. Loler South Devon

    any1 out there know if loler is a legal requirement in Ireland???? nothing on our extensive HSA website....uk requirements are so far ahead..
  8. Irish footpath vs beech tree

    Another view
  9. Irish footpath vs beech tree

    This 1was aged at 160 yrs in the botanics in dublin
  10. Climber(s) Wanted - Algarve, Portugal

    wats the rate ??


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