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  1. I'm going out to New Zealand for work in early January, i have my working holiday visa sorted and so its just a case of looking for the work before i go! I have recently completed a level 3 National Diploma in arboriculture, i also have Cs 30, 31, 38, 39, woodchipper and first aid at work certificate. any help in helping me gain employment in NZ would be gratefully appreciated. Private message me on here or email me jacktaylor1993@hotmail.com Many thanks
  2. haha i know but i got peoples advice!!!!!
  3. anybody that knows Trevor and Carl will know they are not stupid and will tell their students wether they have done a good job or not. Also what they can improve on and in my case the gob i done was too small, both trev and carl explained to me my mistakes ( things that i can deffinetly improve on). i don't think i'm the only one but i think that the mistakes i have made will improve in time and experience will certainly help me to achieve the best standards of a medium fell in diferent situations.
  4. Carl and Trevor reynold are my college tutors and both will be at the fair but unsure if hes taking photos but would have thought he would be
  5. yeh i don't mind any of the comments people have to say as i want to learn. thanks for everyones advice so far........ I have been searching all over norfolk and nobody is taking people on. I have however got to speak to a bloke on wednesday about some work experience. Hoefully he will allow me to work with his firm so i can learn more in the working side of arb aswell as at college.
  6. yeh but im only climbign in the college competitions, next year i'll enter the other comp. But i'll deffinetly be there
  7. just wondering if anybody is going to the norfolk showground on the 24th and 25 of April. If so Are you competing in anything?
  8. jacktaylor

    1000year old oak

    My dad took these pictures when he was in Germany!!!!!!!
  9. yeh my tutors told me everything about the fell - before-durng and after. risks involved etc. the chestnut was leaning slightly to where it was going.
  10. the equipments ok i suppose, could do with a few new saws but part from that its ok. the chestnut was my first medium fell, other from that we have just been felling scotts pines and larches in a forest
  11. i'm at easton college (norfolk) why you ask?


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