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  1. Easy access for large vehicles, straight tip.
  2. Yes it was very fruitful! I had seen them the other week but couldn't stop so I went back for closer look. Unfortunately was in a hurry this time too, so no idea of tree species, Tony, sorry! But it's not far from me so next time I pass I will have a look and update with the tree species I'll check out the other photos I took too, see if I can tell from any of them!
  3. Excuse quality- phone camera.
  4. Thanks hamadryad! I've really enjoyed it so far- steep learning curve!
  5. Thanks cousin jack! Yes I'm choosing to think of the wood as an 'ongoing project'- ha! TL, so far she is used to chainsaws, she sees them used for firewood, but hasn't seen any felling. I'll get her used to that when she's not working- her stable is just by the wood so I can walk or ride her down to watch. Yes I've been warned about the potential for finger removal!! As for sharing lunch, I'd be lucky with her around, she'd pinch it all off me!
  6. Will email you a short video clip- any comments appreciated!
  7. Thanks! Yes, a lot different, although it helps that I broke this pony to ride and did a fair bit of groundwork first. To be fair to her, the pony is a gem and has made it really easy for me. The thing we are still working on is attaching the log- getting positioned right and then staying still! She's picked up the new commands really fast. I doubt I'll be doing any contracts- got 60ha at home that needs 1st thinning!
  8. Hi cousin jack! Well what can I say, you inspired me when I came to Jackson's Bank to see you! I went on a day of training last November and yes I have been training the pony up since new year. The harness arrived last week! Very exciting!
  9. Thanks wisewood, yes I have seen the raffle. £30,000, ouch!
  10. Thanks TL, I will take a look. I can't change much in the way of shoes at the moment as her 'other life' is as a competition pony. Perhaps in a few years time! My wood is pretty flat and reasonably well drained.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation, borntotrot! Thanks TL, what would be the best way to attach that? Nope, no springs. Any advice gratefully accepted, as I'm just starting out.
  12. Oh and if anyone can recommend a good source for logging chains, I need a 2m plus one, current one isn't long enough!
  13. Thanks! She takes life in a pretty relaxed way, luckily!


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