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  1. Thanks Rob I really appreciated reading your reply yesterday. I had a good day weaving, got more done than I hoped too. Cheers
  2. Hi all. Got a continuous woven hazel fence to do. Got all the stakes in last Friday but been held up by the snow and below zero conditions in eastanglia. I plan to try and get to the job tomorow but wondering what advice anyone has about weaving hazel in this cold. Does the cold make the rods brittle or more rigid to bend or have any adverse effects on the final product. Any advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks:001_smile:
  3. I see that this was already requested last year! Sorry to repeat the request. I'm after c.80 8ft X 2inch SC posts. As it was mentioned before I know that the delivery can be very expensive. I am based in Suffolk so ideally would use someone close. Any advice? Thanks
  4. Thanks rover. I am looking into getting SC posts now. As you say they are much dearer but worth it.
  5. Hi I have a job coming up in Feb to do a 110ft long 5ft high stretch of woven hazle fence. I am quite new to this and in the past I have used hazel for the uprights but these fences have been shorter and in sheltered areas. I have read that chestnut posts are often used. Should I be getting hold of these or can I use hazle? wandering what the pros and cons are. Many thanks.
  6. Thankyou very much everyone. I have now been able to get back to my client and they are happy to have 1.8m panels. Everything that was said all made sense but its great to have the reassurance. Thanks, Gobcutter
  7. Hi all. All the closeboard fencing I've done to date has been with wooden posts and then I make up the panels as I go along. I have a customer who would like concrete posts and gravel boards and 2.4m panels. I cant find anywhere that makes panels over 1.8m and was wandering what people suggest. Would you make up 2.4m panels and slip them in or is the best advice to stick with the 1.8m...? Thankyou
  8. Thankyou both. That is a great help and puts my mind at ease.
  9. Hi Got turf to lay down this week and worried about the cold nights of below zero that we're forecast. (warming up nicely in the day though) Some people say dont lay turf when there's a frost forecast and others that that only applies for prolonged frosts. Wandering if anyone could help me here? Thanks
  10. Just want to check that it is okay to coppice hazel in this cold, talking -7 degrees here. They are well established stools although have not apparently been coppiced for over fifteen years. Thankyou


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