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  1. Thinking about getting a cabstar just wondered what peoples experience is with the single rear wheeled tipper? can it take a good load of chip with high sides or is it better to get double rear wheeled one. cheers
  2. Ive recently cut down some Oak trees and this week have just split them in to billets do you think they will be ok to sell this coming winter? will they be seasoned enough?
  3. After a few years in the industry im thinking about starting out on my own any tips and help on how to get my name out.
  4. treetop1

    old entec

    where do you get the new type from and whats the cost?
  5. treetop1

    old entec

    can you still get the electric button kits to make the older entecs legal because the older ones have forward, reverse and stop on the bar if so what sort of price are they
  6. So going on experience you wouldnt recommend one?
  7. how do they get on with conifer? do they struggle with certain types of trees
  8. Just looking for feedback with peoples views and experience with them
  9. I am just starting out and was wondering what kind of day rate you guys set yourself. For example two blokes truck and chipper, two blokes but you can burn on site or just two blokes cutting in the wood. sorry if I seem rude by asking I just dont want to be pricing too high or too low. Thanks
  10. cheers chris do you find alot of people want wood processed?
  11. Ive been asked to process some beech into firewood logs theres alot of it and thinking its going to take me more than a day what do you think i should have a day rate as for a fordson major tractor with logsplitter and one man and a saw
  12. my log stack is running very low want to get stocked up for next year so i can process it in the summer can anyone help? and what sort of prices are people looking for.
  13. hello i am just wondering if there are any online tree ident tests so i can brush up my ident skills cheers
  14. Title speaks for itsself looking for work in hampshire area im 18 have 30,31,32,38,39 stump grinder, chipper, MEWP, brush cutter and MO1 & MO1a


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