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  1. Excellent and varied information fellas, SO much appreciated!*
  2. OK SO my understanding is that even though its Aspen, it still requires oil mix (eye roll moment..). Can anyone back up that Aspen can sit in a saw for a few months at a time?
  3. Hi Folks, Although not particularly saw savoy, I've a 40:1 mix saw and wondering if I can simply use Aspen instead of the mix AND if its cool to let the aspen sit in the saw for 6 months at a time? Insight greatly appreciated*
  4. ...its worth trying at least once!
  5. Dear Sirs, Great discussion happening here. I'm aware of the stick method but good to hear the various versions and arm lengths. I have used apps before, sometimes with fair accuracy and other times right off the map. I had to ask in case i was missing out on some jew of a free app that others were using but It might be too good to be true. Really appreciate ye coming out!*
  6. Greetings, Any tips for tree measurement height apps (android) out there please?
  7. Really appreciate everyone taking the time to respond to my seemingly simple questions. What I'm trying to attain is why its asked in other measurements (mm) when its a diameter measurement. In the end I reckon I'll simply line up the diameter tape measurement with a standard tape to get the mm... Thanks again & Keep her lit*
  8. Grateful for your responses.* I understand what diameter (circumference x3.14) is, however what is the actual measurement I should give at the end of a diameter reading (cm,metres, mm)? - So simple and yet I'm "stumped". Before circling the tree do i take the calculated length reading out from the tree in Meters? I'll admit the rope x4 is too handy of a trick;)
  9. Naive question here perhaps so bare with me... I understand the RPA is 12 (or 15) times the diameter. However if the diameter tape only shows diameter so how or rather why do they ask it in meters x 12? Is there a way to convert diameter to meters that I'm not aware of? Lastly, is the calculated RPA outcome measured in meters as well? Thanking you for any clarification*
  10. Sound as a bel, will do..Thanks Lads*
  11. ..I realize heights can differ dramatically BUT can I get some feedback on "approximate" heights of power poles- USB and telephone?. *
  12. Greetings! I am a graduate of Fleming College in Canada soon due for Eire on a work visa for a year or more. Currently more than mid-way through the ABC Level 3 Arboriculture Technicians Certificate from Myerscough College,UK. The duration of the past summer was in field placement with a consulting tree care company on Vancouver Island. My experience spans from hazard tree assessments, tree valuations and inventory to cutting and pruning, planting and maintenance, some climbing and grounding. I have also just finished co-authoring the Comox City Tree Protection Bylaw. Past Irish ramblings have found me working on Alternative Woodlot Exhibits in connection with Future Forests in West Cork, the creation of a Native Tree Nursery in Dingle and silva-culture projects (along with 7 years in Alberta and BC), plus 4 years landscaper. Enthusiastically keen to work autonomously or with crew and open for continuous learning. Arriving in the midst of a "recession", I'm well up for the challenge. Please contact me if you are aware of any job openings for a Tree Gal like me. References available. [email protected] Grace&Courage, Shailagh Healy***


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