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    <p>Hello Steve,</p>

    <p>Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. That clarifies things!</p>

    <p>So should the eBay auction be listed as an Arbtrader advert? Sorry for any confiusion.</p>

    <p>Best regards,</p>



  2. <p>hadn't seen it, one of the moderators would have removed it though in accordance with forum guidelines</p>


    <p>Hello Steve,</p>

    <p>Best wishes for the festive season. I tried starting a thread to plug a friend's eBay auction for some new treeMotions, but it hasn't worked.</p>

    <p>I'd be grateful for any advice as they're a very good deal for other members.</p>

    <p>Thank you,</p>



  4. Hello Everyone, Inexpensive Harness in eBay: http://bit.ly/18wMFBs PM me to receive a further £30 discount. Thank you.
  5. Hello, Has anyone tried tying a Michoacan hitch around a 12mm lanyard with a 120cm piece of 8mm Beeline; then tying the ends in a Sliding Double Fisherman's knot and dressing the combination; then placing the small loop formed by the Sliding Double Fisherman's knot between the fixed cheeks of a Petzl Fixe, or similar hitch-tending pulley, and fixing it with a DMM Ultra-O or similar karabiner? It makes a very neat little package. This combination might improve the orientation of the load on the karabiner, over tying the two separate legs of the hitch to it, but I'm no expert. I tried it with a Distel hitch and some 8mm Liros at first, and it worked well. Ocean Polyester was a bit too stiff. The Sliding Double Fisherman's knot is more difficult to complete if you start with 120cm of hitch cord. I use a four wrap coil on the Michoacan hitch, which fits well with 120cm of cord. I think this combination could also be used as a main climbing system. I'd be grateful for any thoughts. Apologies if everyone's been doing this for years.


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