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  1. along with the other retardness in the vid, id be damned if id let my dog wander round the site like that at the point i was dropping hunks of tree.
  2. guys cheers so much for all the positiveness. it honestly does help knowing your not on your own... the clear thing i am getting from all of this is that stess seems to play a much bigger role than i realised! i think i need to have a bit of a look at the stress in my life and see if i can get it down as much a possible! diet wise i had a pretty good diet before but now im being really good, i dont drink, i dont smoke or do drugs of any kind, i dont drink any caffine anymore as ive heard that can be bad, i eat very little processed foods, however im finding it a little hard with the concept of a low res diet, ive always been brought up with the idea that a high fibre diet is really good for the bowels and keeps everything ticking along nicely! still.. when a needs must aye
  3. Please excuse my awful spelling ive just noticed in that last post!
  4. Its been a long time since i looked at this thread, since then ive ben diagnosed infeed with UC. In a pretty bad flate up at the mo and its a pretty lonely, debilitiating and humiliating place to be.. Really nice to read that there are actually a lot of you out there with it and other things that manage to work still.. currently ive been off work for the last 6 weeks and looking at another 2 minimum im guessing.. which isnt helping to pay the bills much..... Just wondering if any of you have had to rethink work at all? Ie, not climbing as much, doing other less pysical things part time maybe? And also just quick, some of u mentioned relaxation and hypnotherapy even for stress busting.... ive never really been into things like that but do u thinknit works? Cos im completely open to anything that may help???
  5. Rik

    Tighten your nuts

    Along with wheel nuts, check your jockey wheels are up and tight! Ive seen a couple in the past having not been put up, doing about 60 on the motorway shatter and fly all over the place.. rubber going everywhere!
  6. Agreed with the chillis comment.. thought they were gonna be amazing.... really werent.. they were a big let down for me personally.
  7. Rik


    Im with lycetts, i rang round about 10 different companies and they were the best price by well over 800 cheaper than any of the others... however thanlfully ive not had to make a claim so i have no idea how good they actually are of course..?
  8. Pretty much all Metal. Pretty much all trance. And tbh whatever else tickles my fancy at the time. could be anything from lady gaga to celtic chillout.. i like what i like whatever the genre as it were
  9. I must try this... if it works it will save hours of swearing and frickin!
  10. Lavoro sherwoods, really light, really comfy from the first wear, and not stupid money either. Best boots ive ever had. Highly reccomend. .. but change the standard round laces to flat ones. The round ones seem to come undone on thier own too often!
  11. This looks interesting... will definately give this a watch... i only got out of hospital last night so am gonna have a fair bit of time on my hands for a while!
  12. Cheers paul, yeah i think your right, i think partly its going round my head a bit at the moment and im probably just stabbing out trying to find 'the perfect diet/cure' knowing that its not gonna be that simple... i think indeed a nutritionalist will be a good idea.... more of a specialist approach like you mention.. ill see how it pans out!
  13. Hey guys, been following this thread a little off and on over the last while.. ive always had a 'good diet' and have always been fit and healthy and strong... yesterday i was diagnosed yesterday with ulcerative colitis i lost over 22lb in a month, have no energy left, no strength, no fitness to be honest its difficult to get out of bed and even get to the throne at the moment. a truely miserable few weeks.. apparently ive got it forever and without them removing my large intestine i cant get rid of it.. however it seems that it can be controlled to a degree with very clean diet and lifestyle, the paleo diet keeps cropping up. theres lots on here about weight loss but i obviously need the opposite at the moment.. just wondering if anyone else on here has it or knows anyone that has colitis and maybe could shed a little light or experiences on how they cope with it? With regards to diet etc? Im reading so much conflicting stuff on the net that ive given up completely as its all a bit much at the minutse as its all a bit of a shock still... any thoughts would be really very much appreciated. Cheers guys
  14. Rik

    Slow cooking in chip?

    Ill keep u all posted on my progress/failings!


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