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  • Evergreen footwear for evergreen workers: The versatility of GORE-TEX and why HAIX’ forestry range is suitable all year round

    Deciduous trees may be seasonal, but an arborist’s job is ‘evergreen’. Arborists are required to work all year round in a variety of often challenging weather conditions, including oppressive heatwaves, bitingly cold temperatures and the traditional British rain – from constant drizzle to thundering downpours.  


    To cope with working in such a changeable environment, arborists’ footwear must be ‘evergreen’ too; versatile and strong enough to protect feet from even the toughest of weather conditions, as well as all the other natural hazards encountered when working in the forestry sector. Examples include operating in soaking wet undergrowth, performing tree surgery at height or clearing storm damage in the cold and rain.


    Specialist functional footwear manufacturer HAIX understands that arborists need to have absolute confidence that that their feet will stay comfortable, dry and protected from whatever environment they work in. That’s why the high performance forestry footwear range contains an array of features to make them suitable for year round use – including incorporating the waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX membrane.


    All GORE-TEX footwear is specifically designed to protect against the most challenging conditions that arborists face all year round. In cold and wet conditions, the GORE-TEX membrane enables feet to stay dry from the outside and inside by preventing water from penetrating into the boot while also allowing sweat to gently escape through the breathable layers. 


    The high breathability of GORE-TEX is equally useful in warm and dry conditions; given that the soles of our feet can produce around half a litre of sweat per day (more than any other part of the human body), it’s vital that footwear is as breathable as possible. The GORE-TEX layer allows sweat to evaporate out of the boot, stopping feet from becoming uncomfortably hot or wet, and is six times more breathable than the values outlined in EN ISO standards 20345/20347.

    To ensure there is no weakness or vulnerability in products featuring the GORE-TEX membrane that may compromise performance, every product is stringently tested by GORE engineers in the company’s own laboratories, in a state-of-the-art chamber that can recreate up to 95% of the environments on the earth’s surface. These include Everest’s frigid conditions, Death Valley’s scorching sun and the stiflingly humid temperatures of the Amazonian rainforest. A rain tower can also simulate up to 3 inches of rainfall per hour in temperatures of 5 – 25C.  


    All HAIX boots featuring a GORE-TEX membrane are carefully designed to withstand the extremes of forestry work. This means they have a longer lifecycle, reducing the need for replacement, balancing cost efficiency with a high degree of protection. 


    In the HAIX range, forestry boots containing GORE-TEX include the Protector Forest 2.0, the Trekker Mountain 2.0 and the Protector Pro 2.0, with each boot designed to support wearers year round. 


    Including GORE-TEX membranes and linings in the design of each boot gives wearers peace of mind that, no matter the weather and no matter the season, HAIX forestry boots will work to keep feet dry, comfortable and at an optimum temperature. With forestry workers and arborists spending long periods of time from ‘boots on’ to ‘boots off’, boots that allow feet to become too hot, cold or wet lead to discomfort and distraction – something that can prove risky when wearers need to concentrate on tasks involving cutting equipment or working at height. 


    With GORE-TEX in the inner lining to provide waterproofing and breathability, the Protector Pro 2.0, Protector Forest 2.0 and Trekker Mountain 2.0 also feature the unique HAIX Climate System®, encouraging air circulation with every step through the vent holes at the top of the boot to keep feet cool. Both also feature sun reflect, which reduces the heating effect of the upper leather from direct sunlight, helping with temperature regulation to ensure wearer comfort.


    All three boots have also been awarded the coveted test mark KWF Level-Standard, meaning they have been tested to demonstrate that they have reached important safety standards and can be worn safely by professional forestry workers over a period of several months. It’s a practical test that takes all four seasons into account and is conducted on a broad range of terrains.  


    The versatile roles of arborists, forestry and outdoor workers require footwear that can provide the protection and comfort they need year round, regardless of challenging weather conditions. By combining smart material choices like GORE-TEX membranes with innovative production processes and integrating wearer feedback, HAIX’s forestry boot range provides this flexibility year-round. 


    To view HAIX’s full range of forestry footwear and discover more about all their protective features, please visit https://www.haix.co.uk/forest/

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