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Hair transplant has been the reason behind many people's smile. It has successfully brought about hair growth in people who were dealing with baldness and excessive hair loss. Hair transplant in India has become a very common procedure.

But can the procedure be used for places which have never shown any prior hair growth? Can it be used for areas like thin eyebrows?


Hair Transplant For Thicker Eyebrows

If the concerned area is the eyebrows, then Hair Transplant can come to the rescue. The intelligent punch technique can be used to give a good density and better definition to the eyebrows.


Let's take a look at points to consider before a transplant

Find the right hair transplant surgeon

It is quite significant that you take the treatment from a reputed doctor with a proven track record. Years of experience and high qualification counts. It is wise to ask for some recommendation from your family doctor.


Medical issues with hair transplant surgery

Before the surgery, you will have to get yourself checked for your general health. The doctor will ask questions about your physical condition and decide if the treatment is possible.

1.      Medical history –if you have any condition,  then the treatment plan and the type of anesthesia will be decided accordingly.


2.      Evaluation of hair  – The surgeon will study the natural pattern of your hair, the amount of hair loss, and history of prior treatments you may have availed before.


3.      Pros and cons –You might need to understand the risks and possible complications so that you are able to decide to opt for it or not.

Medication –You must make the doctor aware of all the medication you are taking, even the supplements.


4.      Allergies, if any –If your body reacts badly to a medication or anesthesia, it is important to tell the doctor about it.


5.Preparation for the procedure – the surgeon will provide suitable instructions regarding how to prepare for the surgery. You may be asked to take some medicines and alter the dose of some regular medications.



Hair transplant types

The procedure can be carried out in various forms. The doctor will decide which is the most suitable for you. Consider the following –


Hair transplant graft-involves the transplant of 1000 -2000 hair follicles in a single session. The donor area is trimmed and the area is put under anesthesia. Small sections of the scalp of the donor area are taken and transplanted on the recipient area. A punch graft may extract 2 -15 hairs in a single go while a slit graft may be able to extract 4-10 hairs.


Flap surgery

It is used when the hair loss is excessive and a large area needs to be covered. It might require a stay in the hospital and administration of general anesthesia. A balloon-like device is placed under the scalp of the donor area. The tissue inflates with the saline solution. After a few months,the scalp grows enough skin which makes it ready for transplant. After cutting the bald section of the scalp, the newly grown hair-bearing area is cut away , moved to the new location and stitched.

Another form, called scalp reduction surgery is also used.


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