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  • Joe Newton

    Review: Arbortec Xscape Glove

    A decent all round pair of work gloves

    • Offers some cut resistance
    • Not quite as grippy as some other brands

    So I was sent a couple of pairs of the Arbortech Xscape gloves to review, by Treehog_safety.


    I usually wear Pfanner Stretchflex, so any comparisons will be to these.


    The Xscape gloves are a lightweight, general use type of glove, ideal for climbing. No chainsaw protection, thermal lining or padding. Just a good old work glove.


    My first impression was very well made fabric, with a very snug but dexterous fit. I received two types from Robin at Arbotec Forestwear. One standard size, and a extended cuff size.


    The extended cuff comes in useful to tuck your sleeves over or into when you have dirty sappy connies, or mildly prickly stuff. Doesn’t leave any skin on show. To be honest though, I got on better with the standard size, possibly as its whet I’m used to. I can see the benefit in the colder months though, certainly.


    For climbing, the palms weren’t quite as grippy as the Pfanner gloves, but not by a long way, and they seemed to last a bit better. I climb on 11mm rope so the grip is the main reason I wear gloves. The actual fabric is much tougher than the Pfanners, without being any stiffer or cumbersome.


    These gloves are advertised as being cut resistant. Once I’d thoroughly worn a pair in, I felt I had to put this to the test for a comprehensive review. My groundsman politely declined to be my guinea pig, so I had to settle for some cordwood as a fake wrist. I used both my sharp pen knife, and a silky for the test cuts.


    The pen knife laid the Pfanner glove open, while the cut to the Arbortech was significantly less (I think it bluntened my knife too).


    The Silky however… well I’d still be careful.


    According to Robyn, at Arbortech, these gloves get their cut resistance from “a kind of ethylene polymer” which is designed to protect against an unintentional contact with a sharp blade. The results spoke for themselves with a straight edged blade. It is NOT chainsaw protective, in case people decide to use these gloves as P.P.E. Chainsaws and Silkys will still make their way through.


    In short, these gloves are a decent all round pair of work gloves. They last well and are comfy, what more can you ask for. For long climbs I’ll stick to my Pfanners (even though a couple of days can put a new pair into retirement) but for most other jobs they’re a tough “second skin” glove.

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