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Re: What pet insurance do you use thanks

None. I agree with what Marko said - the times we have used the vet the prices have been reasonable and we are well ahead. I love my dogs, but if one got hit by a car and badly injured, or became seriously ill, then I'd rather have it 'euthanised' than go through seeing it having to go through operations and rehab etc.
Dr Pedroski PhD (Env. Sci.) BSc Hons (Env. Sci. with Management Studies) IEMA member
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Re: What pet insurance do you use thanks

petplan with our old little jack russell, but with the farm guardog a GSD they wouldnt insure guard dogs, had to go with another company
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Re: What pet insurance do you use thanks

There are generally two types of policy and you need to be aware of which you are getting.

The more expensive ones tend to be lifetime policies. This means if your pet is diagnosed with a chronic condition, such as diabetes, they will continue to cover treatment costs for the lifetime of the pet as long as you keep paying your premiums.

The cheaper policies tend to be time limited. With these policies if your pet was diagnosed with a chronic condition they will cover the treatment costs only until the renewal date on the policy. At that point if you renew the policy the pre existing condition will be excluded and you would be covered for new and unrelated conditions only.

It is important to check the companies reputation for paying claims. Certain companies are notorious for trying to evade paying claims. This can leave you liable for a vet's bill that you were not expecting to have to pay. Check by reccommendation or do a google search for companies you were considering. Can't list any here as could be considered libelous.

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My jack Russell is with petplan. No probs so far
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Re: What pet insurance do you use thanks

our Ernie is with Virgin, they have a maximum payout of 6000 on any one issue, he had both back knees done 2 years ago and with the meds they have now stopped paying out.... 55 per month for a 81/2 year old Cane Corso.
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Re: What pet insurance do you use thanks

IMO i would never hesitate insuring my dog. I have had my spaniel for 4yrs, his insurance is 8 a month. Bugger all considering. I have had to use it once for a 600 bill. So in theory I am over 200 up....

I think when you run your own business, things like pet insure just make sense. Cash flow is very tight right now and I would struggle to cover a bill like that again without insurance, and I dont ever want to be in that position!
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Re: What pet insurance do you use thanks

Was with pet plan (2 dogs 1 horse) filed claim for horse's vet fees didnt want to know. These insurance companies are all the same but there very good at snatching your money. Now we have the dogs with tesco and the horse with the NFU.
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