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  1. Measured up today and the average dbh of the douglas fir is around 45inches and the dbh of the scots pine is around 40 inches... There are also a lot of trees which are 60ft plus as i have just found out that the trees were planted over 50 years ago!!


    Checked the felling license too...they have estimated that there is 500 trees over 2.2ha which they predict equates to 200m3 of wood...


    Unfortunately i didnt realise that its a thinning license not a clear fell...going to apply for clear fell this week!! Does anyone know how much ur allowed to thin out im guessing up to 50% where its dense?

  2. i only asked as scotty's and doug fir are excelent joinery timbers and vastly under estimated in this country for such a purpose. if they are too small i.e under 18" then they wont get much timber from them but larger specimins should produce very good quality wood. even an 18" one could produce a decent amount of fence posts and both species will last longer than the crap you get from b&q.


    i'd rather see them go for timber production if siutable than getting ringed up for logs that last 5 minutes on the fire...


    I agree with you defiantly. I would like to see the majority of it going off for joinery timber as it seems a shame to burn it. Ideally i will pick out the dead trees and sell them as firewood as i will have enough custom for that and sell the rest road side. Finding the right contacts is the difficult part!

  3. Sorry should have said 8 wheeler lorry. I had a big timber trailer with 10 tonne crane but did not have the big tractor or enough work so sold it such is life.


    Thats a shame becuase that would have worked perfectly oh well!!


    Are you local? Incase you wanted to sort something out for kindling..i met a lorry driver today who halls timber! so could always get a quote off him if you let me know where its going.



  4. FC will give advice on available planting grants. Speak to your local Tree Officer they are helpful and informative folk. This will be subject to their rules on re-planting but you will usually be able to have a good range of species. The grant money pays for the planting only not the trees themselves or the stakes or the guards/spirals/netting. Look into ring fencing as an alternative to the guarding. Deer may be your worst problem if you are in an area infested with them or next to NT land. Hope this helps:thumbup:



    Thanks for your help thats really handy!!

  5. If you know someone reliable with an 8 wheeler I would take some douglas fir for making kindling if we can make the figures work.


    Im quite happy to part with some of it for sure, but at the moment im trying to work out what the best option is to get the most out of the wood. I am lucky enough to be able to move all off the wood if i need to and i have the machinery to log it but if i can sell it at the roadside for roughly the same value as logging obviously im going to sell it on the road side.


    What is your location?


    Is this 8 wheeler need a forestry grab on it? because i hear you can hire them and i have a big enough tractor to tow one.



  6. Hi,


    I currently have 5 acres of woodland containing Douglas Fir and Scots pine.


    I am looking for a little advice about what to do with it.


    I recon there are around 350 - 400 trees, between 40-50ft tall and all dead straight.


    I have the option of logging it and seasoning it for next year and using the dead ones this year,




    Selling to a saw mill which can make it into boards, utility poles etc


    Any ideas?




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