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    Team GB is heading to Prague, Czech Republic to compete against the very best woodchopping and sawing athletes in the world at the upcoming STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship.


    Five-time British Champion Elgan Pugh will team up with fellow countrymen Glen Penlington, Rob Chatley, Scott Fowkes and Ross Hanley in what promises to be a spectacular weekend of high octane, edge-of-your-seat action.


    The STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship sees the best athletes from across the globe sawing, slicing and chopping wood at speed, using axes and saws, in a series of challenges. The original extreme sport will head to the Czech Republic for the first time, with the rest of the world aiming to end the dominance of Australia after they secured a World Championship double in 2018.


    Athletes from over 20 nations will be battling it out in Prague for the Individual and Team titles. In the team event on Friday 1st November, the national teams will compete against each other in a knockout system, where four athletes in a relay complete the disciplines of Stock Saw, Underhand Chop, Single Buck and Standing Block Chop.


    Elgan Pugh will then take his place amongst the world's top twelve athletes as they compete against one another in all six disciplines as part of the individual competition on Saturday 2nd November. The individual competition format is a knockout system formed of three rounds, with athletes eliminated from the competition after each round. All 12 athletes take part in round 1 (Underhand Chop, Stock Saw and Standing Block Chop), the top eight 8 athletes advance to round 2 (Single Buck and Springboard), and the top 6 athletes advance to round 3 (Hot Saw). In each discipline the competitor is awarded points according to their achieved time, with the athlete achieving the highest number of points declared the Individual World Champion.


    Elgan Pugh, current and five-time STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® British Champion, said: “I’m very proud to be named in the British team and we are all excited to put our skills to the test against the world’s best TIMBERSPORTS® athletes.


    “The atmosphere at the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship is always electric and we’ll be using that to help push our performance on to the next level.”


    STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship - the six disciplines


    Stock Saw – athletes race to cut two timber “cookies” with a chainsaw from a horizontally set log. The cookie must be complete and within a defined thickness


    Standing Block Chop – simulating the felling of a tree, athletes race to chop through a 30cm wood block as quickly as possible from the side


    Single Buck – athletes race to cut through a 46cm diameter log using a two-metre long single man crosscut saw


    Underhand Chop – athletes stand on a horizontal log and cleave it in two with an axe, chopping from both sides


    Springboard – athletes slot two springboards into a vertical tree trunk then chop through a block of wood at the top of the tree, nearly 3m above the ground


    Hot Saw – athletes race to cut three cookies of a specified thickness from a horizontal trunk using an extremely powerful chainsaw weighing nearly 30kg and with a chain speed of around 250 km/h



    Friday 1st November – Team World Championship 2019, 19:00 local time

    Saturday 2nd November – Individual World Championship 2019, 19:00 local time


    Thrill seekers can watch the action unfold via a live stream that can be viewed here http://www.stihl-timbersports.com/. The live stream for both competitions on Friday and Saturday will begin at 17:55 GMT.


    To find out more about the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series please visit https://blog.stihl.co.uk/timbersports/

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