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  • Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit

    Simon Ash, UK Sales Manager, HAIX 


    Our industry hit national headlines in February when Michael Gove published a report called “Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit”.  The report suggestions included:


    • A dedicated skills drive
    • Supporting farmers and landowners to deliver public benefits from the Farming and forestry industry
    • Enhancing beauty heritage with the natural environment
    • Increased recognition of the benefits to society offered by woods/forests including providing outdoor space for exercise and recreation, contributing to improving agricultural productivity and rural business diversification.


    Confor welcomed the efforts as a “historic opportunity” to shape future rural policy and funding, and we will keep a close eye on how this develops over the next couple of months.   It does seem as though Brexit is providing us with a clear opportunity to improve as an industry, and we need to do everything we can – before then, to achieve it. We continue to be the industry reporting the highest combined self-reported work related illness and injury, and something needs to give. 


    In particular, musculoskeletal disorders are the most common-work related ill health conditions. It can be divided into those affecting the upper limb, neck and shoulder (WRULDs), lower limb (WRLLDs) and those affecting the back. In 2016/17, across UK workplaces, 1.8 million working days were lost as a result of WRLLDs.  


    Once injuries develop, it could become difficult to complete work tasks and daily routines, possibly leading to emotional and financial implications through a lack of work and earnings. To prevent pain and disorders, the best protection is found in footwear that is not only compliant with the government standard EN ISO 20345: 2011, but also offers additional comfort and support with features such as arch support, strong supportive uppers, and uses waterproof and breathable materials, such as GORE-TEX®, to ensure good foot health.


    Annually, approximately 15,000 workers across agriculture, forestry and fishing as suffering from an illness they believe was caused or made worse by work, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). With Brexit around the corner and positive steps being taken to transform the industry, do everything you can now to ensure you are as protected as you can be at work. 


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    Health and harmony, green Brexit, historic opportunities, national headlines (really?)


    Lot of hyperbole to sell boots. 

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    Just greenwash.


    Conservative  David Cameron, remember him,  promised his would be the “greenest government ever”. Conservative Theresa May, do you know who she is, when she came to power downgraded the government’s focus on climate change and green issues generally by announcing that the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC)  would close.


    Brexit will see all farming and forestry grants/subsidies, designed to improve the environment, diverted to the NHS. At least if you believe the lies of those, who have no budgetary control over their promises, you voted Brexit for.


    Mr Gove MP has little by way of green credentials. Quite the opposite. Rather than put a tax on polluting single use coffe cups he'd rather take the donations of the polluters.


    Whoever you vote for you get a politician. Their first job on being elected is to make sure they stay on the gravy train, whatever it takes, whatever lies they have to tell, whatever it is they think you want t hear. That's their priority. 


    The Conservatives have had eight years in power, more than enough time to truly demonstrate their green credentials, and haven't done anything positive for forestry, arboricuture, or the environment in general. All they do is blame others for their decisions and there outcomes.


    If your MP isn't truly commited to green, forestry/arboricuture, environment issues, make them work for a living; don't vote for them.

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