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Found 8 results

  1. So did my third proper conifer removal yesterday, the first being a leyland cyprus and the 2nd and 3rd a pair of sitka spruces. Counted rings about 35 years old, two feet at the base and about 18m tall we estimated. Tough work if you're not used to it. Went up the first stem on my own and cleaned all the branches with a handsaw, then the next two afternoons came back with my pal and finished with chainsaw. Got them down to about 5m then straight fell. Phone line on one side, under and through the boughs, so was pulling the bigger ones with a tag line and directional cut. All finished without incident. One thing though, my rope and lanyards are mankey with resin now. I have two Finch lanyards, and they both became virtually unusable by the end of the second day, the rope just jamming in the cam. So frustrating, and very hard on the arms...I'm wondering, does anyone here use a Petzl Zillon lanyard, with the mini-zigzag? If so, how does that fare with resin?
  2. I am thinking of removing this tree in our front garden. I have heard that tree removal can cause issues with ground heave. The tree is around 2-3m from the house. The soil is quite dark and peaty I think and there has previously been mining activity in the area. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. due to being out of the tree game for a while and my contacts no longer in the game either im looking for a man with van and chipper to remove the trees i have cut down in my garden, based in the bridgend area of south wales
  4. Had plenty of footage from this job so decided to mash it together with a soundtrack, been climbing nearly 2 years now and loving it. The Customer plans on making a table from the remaining stump hence why leaving it high.
  5. Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to remove a cherry tree stump? No doubt the answer will be "it depends" so here are all the variables I can think of. Location: North West London (postcode area HA5) Access: Max width 620mm Proximity: Right next to a concrete gravel board & fence with an armoured LV cable running next to it (I can probably elevate the cable though, so that shouldn't be a problem). Not much point removing the fence panel as the neighbour's conservatory is immediately behind it. The tree was cut down over 6 months ago so the wood is decaying as expected. I've had a go with various hand tools but my wife called a halt to my amateur efforts when I put the axe through the fence panel. The good news is that seems to be a void under the stump towards the fence so it should be possible to avoid it. I've attached a pic in case that helps. Thanks, Paul
  6. I have recently bought a new house and there is a 15ft Yew outside my house (within the boundaries of my wall). It blocks light and I would like to either: - completely uproot it - trim it to about half the size I have been warned against both for different reasons. Someone told me not to completely remove it because it could cause the land to sink where the roots extend to (Its about 4m away from my front door). Also that the roots are sucking up lots of water which could lead to excess water beneath my house?? Also been told that cutting it back by half would be difficult and it could take years before it goes green again. What would you advise?
  7. Another film me and the boys at work shot. Always fun when the machine does the hard graft, and the climber gets to take in the views. hope you enjoy. Dan [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRO6Haibqp8]Double Fir tree removal with the help of a crane - YouTube[/ame]
  8. I've got a client who wants me to take down a black poplar (Standing stem - pollarded frequently) and a medium sized italian poplar, they are about 10m from properties. He is concerned that the owners of the houses may get heave in a few years time. He was told 8 years ago to take them down in stages, I've heard this was a bit of a money making scheme dreamt up by someone. Will there be heave? He wants me to put it down in writing that there will be no damage. I don't think I can do that, as I am unsure, and I'm not qualified. Any ideas?


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