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Found 5 results

  1. I had a large eucalyptus cut down in the front yard a few years back as it was dropping huge amounts of leaves but it has grown back from the stump even though it was ground down. I want to keep one or two of the new limbs. Which ones should I keep which should go? There is a group of three on the left I'm thinking of keeping as they are reasonably straight? Or do they all need to go? Start again and only let one grow from the get go with the appropriate pruning?
  2. Afternoon all, Looking to see if anyone could help with my current project, i'm making a staircase for a friend, with each a tread a different timber, He has spent a significant portion of his life in Australia and wants a Eucalyptus treas to signify this. I have none sawn or dry, Does anybody have a piece, min 4' x 12" x min 1 3/4" to finish 11 x 1 1/2" It needs to be well air dried or kiln dried. im located in south shropshire, but travel through the following counties frequently enough to pick it up - Shropshire, Herefordshire, Powys, Monmouthshire, Gloucs, Devon and north Somerset. Any help would be much appreciated and financially / or beer rewarded! Tom
  3. I don't know if I'm being treated as an idiot or not -help! I have a single eucalyptus cider gum tree in my garden, it's stem is 510 in radius at 1.5m height, approx 12m tall and in a healthy state. Which makes an RP radius of about 6 metres(?). The tree is on my land and close to a neighbouring development, so has been given a bs5837 rating of C3 by them/their report for the following reasons, is this correct, does lack of biodiversity make it a C3 tree always as a Eucalyptus? Their response to me when I queried the category...; With regards to the categorisation of the tree, this decision was made following an appraisal of the tree, the species and its location. Eucalyptus offer no foraging value to our native invertebrates and are of little value to local biodiversity therefore the tree does not have the 'material or other cultural value' that would require it to be categorised as a 'B'. Eucalyptus as a species are also particularly vulnerable to wind throw which will direct future management in the future and limit its wider amenity value.
  4. Hi all I am seeking advice about a Eucalyptus dalrympleana tree in my parents garden that is leaning at a slight angle after the recent gales we have. The tree is about eight years old and was approx. 8-10m tall with a trunk diameter of approx. 15-20cm and a tall, narrow crown. Before the gales of the past week or so, it was completely upright. The garden is on a south west facing hillside open to the Mendips about 30 miles away and exposed to strong winds. After the gales the whole tree was leaning slightly, perhaps two or three degrees off vertical. There is nothing around it that may be damaged by falling. As an emergency measure, my parents had the top half of the tree removed. This has removed most of the crown, foliage etc and so should reduce the wind resistance but the lower half still leans. Several years ago, when the tree was smaller, it had a similar problem and became loose in the ground. It was cut back by about half in the hope that its roots would strengthen by the time it regrew in height. Until the past week it had been growing extremely well – vertical and very healthy looking and its trunk was starting to get interesting bark. Strangely enough the E. gunnii and E. perriniana I planted at the same time have both grown to be leaning because of the prevailing wind, but haven’t been damaged by the gales, while the dalrympleana grew dead upright but has now been blown over a bit. I was thinking the best thing may be to cut it down to close to ground level and let it resprout from the stump, but please offer any advice. It has some value to me as I planted it myself and was an attractive tree.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8yvgDEbGCc]YouTube - The Importance of Spelling[/ame]


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